Top 10+ Tips & Free tools to Grow Your Small Business online    

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As an entrepreneur, Growing your business online can be challenging. As you must focus on Digital marketing to boost your sales.

#SEO [search engine optimization]

SEO is one of the most important and effective ways of directing web traffic to your website and engaging prospects Use the title and meta description tags wisely making sure .

To create high Click Through Rate create unique and descriptive meta descriptions that will you help you stand out from the crowd and make sure you include the name of the city where your business is since you optimize for nearby searches.

For local marketing it is also super important to optimize SEO for “Google My Business” you always respond to customer reviews to improve your business visibility.

build a strong online presence by making SEO your best friend and increasing your chances of getting clicks and focus on first page results

optimizing for voice search is now critical for your business success.

#Invest In PPC Marketing

PPC marketing (Pay-per-click) is a time consuming yet powerful strategy to find new customers and promote your small business in the online world.

It helps you reach your target audience when they are ready to convert , by running ads and paying when someone clicks on them.

Pay Per Click platforms are

  • Google Ads is the most popular ppc strategies
  • facebook ads
  • linkedin ads
  • instagram ads

#use Email Marketing strategi

No matter what industry you’re in, email marketing is essential if you want to build a strong online presence and grow your brand. It also helps you manage your direct customer relationships at scale and generate leads and sales on demand.

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Start by setting up lead capture forms on your website to begin building your email list and continue by designing your emails and creating content, always having in mind the goal of your email marketing campaign.

so many email marketing platforms such as Moosend, MailChimp and Openmoves,offer a variety of up-to-date email templates free!

most popular and effective newsletters you should include in your email marketing campaign:

  • Welcome email
  • Thank you for your purchase email
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Order confirmation email
  • Re – engagement email
  • Upsell / Cross sell email

#Use Chatbots

Best way to using chatbots, text – based services that interact with visitors helping them and answering basic questions. Customer service should always be a top priority if you want to make a difference and create a memorable experience for your customers.

Cheap to build, chatbots are offered either by platforms such as Aivo and Botsify or by bot-building services like

#Optimize Your Website

Website optimization means higher ranking and better conversion rates.

  • Titles
  • URL
  • Keywords
  • Meta description
  • Headings
  • Content

It’s extremely important to have a website that loads quickly and only displays quality content with relevant information that aligns with both your brand and customers and offers a user-friendly navigation.

the mobile – only audience will grow to 55.7 million (nearly 19%) by 2022.

you want to achieve business revenue you should also optimize your website for mobile. Create a responsive design by taking away excess clutter and offering easy to access and clearly organized information, for an enhanced user experience that will bring the most positive results.

Free tools to grow your small business online

#Google My Business

complete Google My Business profile can also help your website’s overall SEO ranking. The world’s most used search engine offers businesses a free profile to help you connect with your customers. Use Google My Business to post hours, location, and pricing information, and share pictures and even a virtual tour all of which will then show up for your audience in Google’s search results.

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#YellowPages and the YellowPages app are a great free way to help your audience find you online, as well as invite and respond to reviews about your product or service.

#Google Analytics

Google offers amazing free analytics tools that help small business owners determine what is working in your marketing plan and gain insights about your web traffic. you first need to know how and from where your audience is accessing your website.

#Blogging is owned by google and agree that content marketing—and blogging is absolutely key to small business brand awareness in the digital age. Make the most of your blogging efforts with a few of our favorite tools.

Sign up for WordPress through you web hosting service to create and manage a beautiful blog for your business. with thousands of third party add-ons to make managing your website even easier, the benefits of WordPress for digital marketing really never end.

#Business Financing


Whether you’re looking for investors or hiring your first employees, AngelList is your must-have resource for startup recruiting. Hundreds of startups have been matched with angel investors on the site, gaining much needed capital to grow their businesses.


Paypal offers easy online credit and debit card transactions as well as recurring payments with no sign-up cost and no direct fee.


Evernote for keeping track of thoughts, plans, and ideas from wherever they are. The app’s free plan lets you clip content from across the web, create your own notes, share with friends, and comment on documents together.

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#Google Drive

Google Drive offers you almost all the same benefits of Microsoft Office, but accessible from anywhere you have online access. Collaborate on documents with colleagues, track spreadsheet changes as you edit, and share with clients quickly for uploads or worrying about having compatible software installed all for free.


By signing up for Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social profiles from a single dashboard. Schedule posts, track mentions, engage with followers, and measure the effectiveness of your social media content Publishing individual social media messages in real time is a drain on time and a recipe for low engagement.

#Stock Images

Beautiful images are essential to making your brand stand out online.Try these free stock images site to search for images to use in your blog, social media, and other marketing materials.

#Google Cloud

If you already use a variety of Google apps (which you should; see above), Google Cloud is an obvious choice for backing up files, documents, images, and other content. Integrate it seamlessly with other Google apps to never lose track of your archive files.

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Top 10+ Tips & Free tools to Grow Your Small Business online

Top 10+ Tips & Free tools to Grow Your Small Business online
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