Top 10+online marketing techniques for affiliate marketing    

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list of top 10+ marketing techniques for affiliate marketing are you can use to become a better affiliate marketer! each one of these have their own strategies to learn.

#INSTAGRAM ads for affiliate marketing

Instagram advertising for affiliate marketers is method of paying to post sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. you need an image, set of images, or video to reach your audience with Instagram ads

#Buy SOLO ADS for affiliate marketing


Solo Ads is a much more guaranteed way to build a following – all you do is connect with someone’s list and email them. The only safe marketplace on the net where clever buyers meet professional traffic sellers face to face.

#FACEBOOK GROUPS for affiliate marketing

Create your own facebook group or provide value to other people’s groups and when requested only send them to your affiliate links.

#YouTube affiliate marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating videos and placing affiliate links in the actual videos (via annotations) or in video descriptions. you can also direct users to an email sign-up form if you have a more nuanced funnel that promotes affiliate products.

#pinterest for affiliate marketing

Pinterest affiliate marketing is you share products you love and when someone makes a purchase through your link you earn a commission off of that sale.

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#EMAIL MARKETING for affiliate marketing

Build an email list and use it email marketing affiliate program are

1. High commission rate.

2. High-converting offer.

3. Alignment with your current services.

4. Ability to customize your links.

5. Long cookie life

6. Reliable tracking system.

7. Accurate reporting system.

8. Timely payments.

9. Documentation and promo tools.

10. Dedicated support.

#BLOGS for affiliate marketing

If you’re a blogger and earning money through affiliate marketing, An affiliate program is a marketing program that allows you (the affiliate) to receive a commission for promoting a merchant’s products.

#ADWORDS for affiliate marketing

Google AdWords is super expensive but if you are smart, you can make as an affiliate marketer with AdWords as well.

While selecting Smartly use keywords , think from the users perspective. a user looking to find marketing services in their local area may search using the term ‘marketing’ but is more likely to use a phrase such as ‘marketing services in Manchester’ or ‘reputable marketing company’ in order to get results which are tailored to their needs.

For researching keywords, you may use SEMrush and Google keyword planner.
  • Converting Landing Pages
  • Quality Score is Everything (Tool : Opteo)
  • Use smart tools

#Reddit for affiliate marketing

Reddit is a community that does not allow direct advertising. However, Reddit can provide massive traffic when done right.

You cannot put affiliate links directly in Reddit, you will get banned. You must participate regularly in Reddit, being helpful, sharing lots of useful information.

you can recommend a solution to a problem by linking to your own website where you offer the solution.

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Learn How To make money online fast $1,000 to $10,000+ Per Month
Start work from home online today,Make Money online ideas 24 Hours/Day

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