How To Start an Ecommerce Business From Scratch    

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Starting an ecommerce business  from scratch  in 5 steps is the most challenging part of starting a new online have chosen your products and promote products and selling online.using ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce,etc. ecommerce business is  a great way to achieve financial freedom jobs.

How To Start an Ecommerce Business From Scratch

what is an ecommerce business

Building an ecommerce business is to know what products you want to sell and buy online that involves the transfer of information across the Internet.

  1. Research Ecommerce Business.
  2. Start Ecommerce Niche Research.
  3. choose Product  online to make profit
  4. Establish Your Brand & Ecommerce Business.
  5. Create Your Online  store using ecommerce platform .
  6. Attracting Customers to Your Ecommerce Store using seo,ppc, social media marketing
  7. showcase  Products Online in facebook marketing
  8. Ready To Start Your Online Business ?

I’m show you how to start an online business in five steps it’s me really simple so let me show you what the five steps are right now so step number one get a domain name step two pick a shopping cart and  go over all these in details.

How To Start an Ecommerce Business in 5 steps

  • get a domain name
  • get the shopping cart
  • set up your store
  • seo & keyword research
  • get traffic to your online store

compare a bunch of different shopping carts show you which one I think is best for you as well as other ones that might be a good option number three set up your store so you’ve got to set up your store even if you get the shopping cart you still have to do some minor setup work I’ll talk about that later.

four SEO and keyword research very important a lot of people and they regret it later on so we’ll talk about that later and number five get traffic to your store so after you have an online store and online business that’s not enough you need to get traffic to your website and I’ll give you ten different ways to get traffic to your website

select  a domain name :

  • easy to spell
  • include keywords of ur main product
  • easy to remember

some of the best ways in my opinion out there for an online business so bonus at the end of this video we’re gonna talk about some of the legal things corp all the different stuff yeah n do a brief overview of all of that but let’s get started right now with number one get a domain name very important a lot of people want to skip this step

want to save the twelve dollars a year not get a domain name not a smart decision you want to get a good domain name so what is a good domain name well it needs to be easy to spell for one if it’s hard to spell people are gonna forget it they’re not gonna know how to spell it so you might say okay my company is XYZ whatever dot-com

but if people aren’t sure the spelling of it they’re gonna make a mistake and they’re just gonna give up so on top of that it needs to be easy to remember like any business name it should also be easy to remember that’s not enough though it needs to include a keyword now if you’re new to online business online marketing

you might not know what that means let me quickly explain it so let’s say you have a store and you’re selling peanut butter you absolutely love peanut butter so you decide to sell it online so a really good domain name would be peanut butter calm now it’s probably taken or probably really expensive and unless you’re a big company 

it can’t afford peanut butter calm so a good example might be peanut butter lovers calm so Google knows that this website is peanut-butter people know that this website is about peanut butter and even more so they know it’s for peanut butter lovers and if they love peanut butter well they’re gonna want to buy peanut butter online obviously so that’s a great domain name because it helps Google know what your website’s about it

Also helps people know what your website is about don’t make your domain name don’t make your URL super long if it’s too long people aren’t can be able to spell it it’s gonna they’re gonna forget it it’s also really bad for ranking high up on Google search results

because Google knows if you have a really long domain name you’re probably not that serious so number two picking a shopping cart so this is also very important a lot of people get hung up on this but it’s not that complicated it’s very easy I have a lot of videos comparing different shopping carts and explaining which one is best

pick shopping carts platform

  • woocommerce
  • shopify
  • bigcommerce

it give you the short version right here so there are hosted and self hosted shopping carts so what does that mean a hosted shopping cart is where that company that you pay does all the technical work for you they have computers that are doing all the hosting now self-hosted means that either you have to host it yourself on your own computer

you have to pay a different company on top of that to host your website just trust me on this get a hosted shopping cart it takes away so much of the headache unless you’re an extremely technical person and you like waking up at 3 a.m. to diagnose why your server is having an issue want to get a hosted shopping car you don’t don’t want to take care of that work yourself

so what are some examples of self hosted shopping carts Shopify and big commerce are two of them now these two are both really good but trust me on this Shopify is much much better why is it better it has better templates it’s got better design overall it’s easier and it’s more user friendly you can also bigcommerce as selling limits if you sell too much

they’ll actually charge you more money which that is no fun so don’t go with big commerce definitely go with Shopify . Shopify is gonna be the answer but I do want make you aware of one other option

if you are on that 1% WooCommerce could be good if you are more of a technical person if you know how to this is a self-hosted shopping cart and if you know how to run shopping carts you’re pretty technical

you may want to look on the into this you save a little bit of money it’s not even that much money cuz you still have to pay for hosting or pay for a computer to host it yourself which is a nightmare don’t do  I would HIGHLY once again recommend going with Shopify there are some use cases where WooCommerce does make sense I do have videos comparing those two but as a bonus no matter which one of these shopping carts

you pick if you use my link which you can get up here or down below in the show notes use my link to sign up with Shopify and BigCommerce you get a free 14-day trial and I will give you a free 30-minute consultation with WooCommerce

you’ll need to buy hosting from Bluehost  web hosting or some other site like that if you use Bluehost and you use my link up here or down the shownotes I’ll give you a free 30-minute one-on-one consulting session as well so any three of these use my links up here or down in the show notes I will give you a free one-on-one consulting session no strings attached to help you get set up as a thank you

because I get a small kickback when people use my link so as a thank you I’d like to help you out and give you 30 minutes of my time so let’s get back to the rest of the video here so Shopify as I said is literally the winner trust me 

3.seo & keyword research

  • on page seo
  • off page seo
  • using keywords
  • headline tags
  • meta title decription
  • image seo
  • website structures

where we go in-depth number 3 SEO and keyword research so to be honest I think this should probably be done earlier in on the process but it’s a little bit it’s like any kind of research before you start any business you’re gonna want to do some research 

SEO is very important when you’re actually setting up the site itself so before you set up your sites you at this point hopefully already have your shopping cart but before you set up the site you want to start thinking about SEO and thinking about keyword research so what is keyword research well let’s start off

what is SEO first SEO is search engine optimization sounds fancy all it really means is trying to rank higher up in Google you want your product to rank number one in Google now depending on what you’re trying to rank number one in Google for that may or may not be possible if you’re trying to rank for something really broad

if you’re trying to rank for something like shorts in Google as number one you really have no chance but what you could do is try to rank for highways blue dance shorts so if you’re trying to raise rank for I always blew Dan short you have a much easier time because there’s less competition

there’s less heavy hitters in there so that’s what search engine optimization in a nutshell is now there is two types of SEO there is on-page and off-page SEO now on page SEO is everything you do to your website to make it so that Google can more easily read it and is more likely to rank it high up in the search results

so this is things like we’ll talk about in just a second but off page SEO on the flip side art is basically trying to get links to your website so let’s go and let’s talk about on-page SEO really quick and everything you need to do early and I’ll talk about some off page SEO

but once again it’s basically just trying to get people to link to your website Google is a bit of a popularity contest and the more links you have coming in the more votes your website has and the higher ups gonna be so on-page SEO which is the first thing and as a side note

I have all of these available in a checklist for free get the e-commerce success pack I have a checklist with all this information and a lot more information on how to set up your online stores so first off the first thing is using keywords that’s part of on-page SEO

so if your keyword is peanut butter you want to make sure that it’s in your product title you want to make sure it’s in your product description you want to make sure it’s everywhere you then want to take those keywords and put them in your header tags

those are the big text you usually see in different sections of content within websites and this lets Google know that this page is really about this one topic a lot of times the title of a page will be an h1 tag so the next thing we’re going to talk about is meta title and meta description so meta title meta description is very simply what you see when you search for something in Google

so this is an example of a meta title and this is the meta description and you can enter this information if you’re using Shopify for instance it’s very easy to do you can say hey this is what I want the meta title to be and this is what I want the meta description to be and there’s two components here not only should it contain keywords

you’re trying to rank for but it should be something that encourages people to click on it because Google also sees if people are constantly clicking on your search result it knows that it’s very relevant to what people are searching and it’s higher it’ll-it’ll rank it higher and higher up so think about this is a free advert treat

if you were spending hundreds of dollars with it you want to make sure that it looks is friendly to people as it possibly can so they will click on it the next thing we’re going to talk about is image SEO so your website’s probably gonna have a lot of images specifically of products

you want to make sure that the alt text and the final name both of these contain the keywords you’re trying to rank for so if you were to show a jar of peanut butter for instance you’d want it to be called peanut butter jpg and you’d want to set the alt image to jar of peanut butter very easy 

but a lot of people overlook this and I’ve actually had a lot of images ranked number 1 in Google because I follow these good practices and then on top of that what that does is lets know Google know them that page is about whatever keyword

I’m trying to do and it’s more likely to rank it in the organic search results last thing we’ll talk about is the website structure so the way you structure your website is very important for instance

you might want your product to be peanut butter lovers calm slash jar F peanut butter very simple for Google to realize what this is about Google knows that it’s about this page is a jar of peanut butter so when someone searches for jar of peanut butter it’s much more likely to put this page high up in the search results

#4.set up ur online store

  • product page
  • home page
  • navigation bar
  • about us page
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4 set up your store and I know I’m talking about a lot here I know there’s a lot of information once again you can get all of it in the checklist totally for free so setting up your store is very important but the truth is it’s really easy all you really have to do is add a product especially if you’re using Shopify even with WooCommerce

all you have to do is add a product and it’s pretty much ready to go people can buy from you now you’re gonna have a pretty ugly store if all you do is add a product so some other things to think about is your obviously your product page but then your homepage

this home page is probably going to be the number one page people go to so you want to do a lot of things here one of the things is you want to make it friendly and welcoming but also make it easy for people to go to the home page to a product page

because the less clicks it takes for someone to buy the more likely they are to purchase if you make it very complicated for people and you make them click all around the and you make it takes them ten steps just to get to checkout they’re gonna get bored they’re gonna lose track on how to do it you want to you want to make people think as little as possible this is why candy is at the checkout aisle nobody goes to the store very few people go to the store 

#5.driving traffic

  • seo
  • content marketing
  • PR
  • social media
  • adwords
  • google shopping
  • paid social media
  • retargeting ads
  • paying for placements
  • influencer marketing

when it’s there it’s so easy why not you want to make your website follow that same mentality you want people to come and be like wow that was so easy I didn’t have to even think that’s why amazon has one-click purchases because it knows when they make it easy for people 

buy more things so product page homepage the next thing is your navigation this needs to follow the same principle you need to make it as easy as possible for people to get to checkout so that means as few clicks as possible if they have to click on a category page then they have to select something 

they have to select something else and then something else they’re gonna get lost they’re gonna forget how to do it drop-down menus work very well for this there’s a lot of other different ways but count count how many clicks does it take for you to get to checkout it sounds like an old Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop commercial 

how many checks how much typing how much interaction does it need and see if you can lower that next thing is about Us page and all those other pages you want to make your about Us page be really friendly if they’re buying from you they’re not buying from this giant company

they’re buying from an individual and you want them to know that people especially right now are much more willing to buy from other humans for whatever reason and I think it’s really beautiful people aren’t as interested in buying from giant corporations because they know they want to support

someone else they want to support someone’s dream they want to support those small businesses so on the about Us page this is your chance to shine don’t try to hide don’t try to act like you’re this giant company when you’re not tell people hey I’m Travis I started this company

this is what happened this is why it’s such a great company this is all this my all my heart is in this company let them know on your about Us page and you want to do that on all your pages so the next thing we’ll talk about this will be the last major bullet point

we talked about so if you’re losing me here don’t worry the video is almost over number five drive traffic number one as we talked about one of the best ways in the freeway and one of the three ways to drive traffic is SEO search engine optimization ranking high up on Google

I have a ton of videos on all these topics on my youtube channel so make sure you subscribe you can go to my youtube channel and search around you’ll find videos on all these topics but SEO is the number one way in my opinion to drive traffic because it’s free 

you everyone should do it number two content marketing it goes along with SEO if you have articles if you have different images or whatever on your website that people want that people are interested in then Google will rank that article higher up so maybe you have an article the five best peanut butters for all peanut butter lovers then when someone types in to Google

best peanut butter in the world your article comes up and then as they’re scrolling around your website they realize wow not only does this a great article about the best peanut butters in the world this guy sells the best peanut butters in the world

I should buy from him so that’s a great way to get free traffic as well another thing is just general PR reaching out to newspapers reaching out to blogs reaching out to different media magazines all that kind of stuff and telling them hey I’ve got this great website

this is what makes me special and I have a video on this as well on how to pitch newspapers and magazines this isn’t always easy but it could lead to some big results so next up social media once again another free option for you

get into some of the paid options later which I think are actually much more powerful than a lot of the free options but if you’re just starting out you may want to start with the free often so social media very important and these are things like Instagram I think right now Instagram and Pinterest are the two strongest social media platforms other than maybe YouTube as well as you know

because you can create a really good connection Instagram is good and then Pinterest is good because it has links they can click to your website so if you’re gonna do Pinterest just a quick tip you want to do something that’s native to the Pinterest platform

so if you had the website peanut butter lovers com you’d want to have different articles about different peanut butters or different Pinterest pins about different peanut butters and recipes for peanut butter

then you could drive traffic to a Content piece on your website and then let them know that they can buy the supplies from you or whatever you sell on your website so once again I have a lot of videos on this stuff so I’m not going to talk too much about that number five AdWords 

this starts to get really powerful like that with AdWords you can start getting traffic qualified traffic to your website and the quick version on how AdWords works is basically you say anytime someone searches for peanut butter I want to show an ad to them 

I’m willing to pay a dollar a click now I wouldn’t do that specifically because peanut butter is such a broad term so many people are doing it a better option might be buy natural organic peanut butter because you know that you have the best natural organic peanut butter so when someone sees an ad for that they’re more likely to buya lot of my sales come from AdWords next up is Google Shopping slash platic listing ads

this is my favorite one for really easy results I highly recommend everybody do this that’s selling something you can set it and forget it in a lot of ways you do want to add negative keywords and I do have videos talking about what that is basically

you want to tell Google when not to show your ad but naturally what it does is it’ll look at your website and it’ll automatically pick what when to show your ad so you’re gonna have to tell Google when not to show your ad so technical topic another video will go into depth about that number seven paid social media so this is Facebook ads

this is Instagram Instagram ads Pinterest ads I think even twitter has ads but I don’t recommend that as much Facebook ads is very popular right now I even have a course for a beginner’s guide to Facebook ads 

eight retargeting and display ads probably not well the retargeting part is very powerful but display ads aren’t and you can retarget using adwords using display google adwords or you can retarget using facebook ads and

this is some of the best money you can spend because it’s people that have already been to your website and then you reach get them you show them banner ads everywhere they go and this is why when you go to a website and you go to your Facebook

you go surfing around the internet it seems like they know what you’ve been doing it seems like these ads are following you they are the it’s people like me and people like soon to be you that are paying for these because they know once someone’s been to your website

once it’s worth a lot of money to get them there again and they’re more likely to click on an ad so retargeting very powerful 9 paying for placements a lot of blogs especially will allow you to pay a little bit of money to get an advertisement

they’re probably not my favorite way of making money but I do know some people that just are making a killing using this and last but not least number 10 influencer marketing and this is really hot right now I know a lot of people’s first especially one person that built an entire seven-figure business just around influencer marketing

this is the digital age people are looking up to celebrities people are looking up to Instagram models and influencers and all that kind of stuff and if you can give them a product maybe even pay them to post about your product you’re going to get sales now

there’s good ways to do it and there’s bad ways to do that once again this is for another video as I said I have videos about all this stuff so make sure  as I promised I quickly want to go over some of the legal stuff and now this is just in the United States and this is just from my experience I’m not a lawyer I don’t play one on the youtubes so don’t get mad at me

legal stuff to start online business

  • i recommended DBA
  • get aEIN
  • BUSINESS Bank account
  • business creditcard
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this is what I’ve been told to do in my experience number one I recommend if you’re just starting out just getting a DBA you can get it for 99 bucks on Legal Zoom you can do it even cheaper if you do more of the work yourself but for my money $99 on Legal Zoom is the way to do it now if you sell a product that people are going to eat or it’s a high-risk item something

you’re likely to get sued you might want to look at an LLC or a LLC that’s taxed as an S corp which is what I personally chose and there’s some tax benefits there I can do another video about that but for 99 percent of the people out there a DBA is probably enough the benefit of an LLC is it’s a separate entity so if someone were to get sick from your product 

get injured from your product they can’t sue you they can only sue the entity if need be the entity can go out of business there’s also some other tax benefits to it but for most people getting start with the DBA is more than enough next you want to get an EIN number and this is basically just for tax purposes

I’m actually not a huge expert on that I just know it’s something you need to do and it’s free to get so in the checklist I have actually they can get up here I have links to all this stuff specifically the website where you can get your EIN for free the next thing is a business bank account

I personally have been using u.s. bank I don’t necessarily highly recommend them but they were the best option when I did my research I could always do more research maybe there’s a better option out there and if you know of one leaving in the comments but US bank did not charge anything for their business bank account

which I really liked so that’s really important and as soon as possible you want to start separating your transact what you’re making as far as money and what the company is making as far as money what you’re spending as far as money and what the company is spending is part of US money

the next tip I have for you is getting a business credit card this is gonna if you get a business bank account and a business credit card it’s gonna save you so much hassle when it comes time for taxes and accounting and trying to figure out well what’s a business transaction 

what’s not and not only that when you get a business credit card there’s a – a lot of beautiful credit cards out there that’ll literally pay you to get their credit card I have a link up here for my current business card that I’m using the current one that I’m using when I when I got it if I spent four thousand dollars

which I was easily able to do within the first three months I believe I made I got fifty thousand points which was equivalent of six hundred twenty-five dollars so literally just for running my business I made six hundred twenty-five dollars now you can make a whole career basically out of they call it point hacking or travel hacking

I’ve turned a bunch of credit cards so I’ll get a new credit card every few months and I obviously I pay them all off don’t ever go into debt over something like this but I’ll spend four to five thousand dollars on a credit card I’ll get all the points 

then I’ll get a new credit card and I travel for free I go to all kinds of fun places and it’s all because of three miles and three points I get from credit cards so I have a link up here and down below with my current personal and business credit cards that I’m using recommend getting in on that so that is it for all of the things 

you need to know on how to start an online business I highly recommend getting started today if you have an idea go buy a domain name if you have a domain name go get Shopify or some other website if you have the website set it up start selling things

if it’s already set up start getting more traffic whatever the next step is for you get started today .if you want to get the online store success pack which has 50 or more marketing ideas for you a checklist for starting your business and a bunch of other really cool things a pack on how to hire a virtual assistant literally the best thing I’ve ever done for my business for my life was highly hiring a virtual assistant which you can get in the Philippines for $350 a month that’s $2 an hour basically for work.

they’re very appreciative about it so you can get the online store success pack up here if you have any questions about any of this stuff please leave it down below and I want to thank you again for watching this video I and I wish you good luck on your journey of starting your online business

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