How to generate targeted ★LinkedIn leads ★Daily ?    

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LinkedIn  is top social platform to generate LinkedIn leads Daily . Big Opportunity to Generate Business from LinkedIn.People only use the platform to connect with people they know or to occasionally update their resumes.if you want to generate meaningful connections and leads for your business.

linkedin stats

LinkedIn is a Professional social network filled with regular users over 500 million of them, to be exact.  And it’s home to more than 9 million business profiles from over 200 countries.most Fortune 500 companies  executive office are on LinkedIn


 LinkedIn is the perfect option for highly targeted communication efforts to a very specific “micro” demographic with better opportunities for high conversion rates.Drive traffic you can start building out your network and subsequently generating leads.

Optimize your linkedin profile

optimize your linkedin profile means tailoring your page so that the content is optimized for searches. We also want to ensure that it displays a visually effectively and engaging amount of content.When filling out all of your information on LinkedIn,

it is important to keep it SEO friendly. Do proper keyword research to optimize your page to the best of your ability..Just keep in mind that longer-tail keyword phrases keep your targeted efforts specific and will result in higher quality traffic.

LinkedIn’s search algorithm works very much the same way as Google’s, so be sure to optimize well. take advantage of optimization strategies for searches on LinkedIn and through Google.

research has shown that users who fill their profile completely are forty times more likely to receive incoming inquiries because of this one action alone.

Being strategic is the name of the game, so plan your content around the various character-count allotments the platform allows per section.

Other forms of optimization include creating a vanity URL.


Hiding the “People Also Viewed” section of your profile keeps the focus on you. This box lists similar profiles to yours and, in essence, gives the viewer an open invitation to check out your competitors.this can be rectified by visiting the “Privacy & Settings” section of your account.Creating projects is also a great way to optimize your profile.You’ll generate a few high-quality links to your website.You’ll have an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and talent with the world.

Once your profile is complete,  Continue to lead nurture your page, instead.Update it regularly so you become a constant fixture in the feeds of individuals and businesses within your network.Keep your posts practical and inviting.Write articles, create slide-share presentations, and develop white papers or e-books so that you’re giving people a reason to engage with you.And always remember your goals.Keep your KPIs at the forefront of your mind so that you’re constantly aware of your most important metrics.

it  has been generating very strong results without a large time commitment and no money spent on LinkedIn advertising. I have been repeating this process 2-4 times a week depending on my workload.

linkedin profile Viewing

The first step is viewing of target profiles. This requires you to first determine who is your ideal lead. If you’re using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool you are given 22 different filter categories to refine the LinkedIn database into your ideal target list. These categories include: Geography, Keywords, Relationship, Industry, Postal Code, Job Function, Job Title, Seniority, Years in Position, Years at Company, Years of Experience, Company, Company Headcount, and more.

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One important note for our process is that we only add people to our list that are 2nd connections to myself. This is for two reasons:
  1. It gives me something in common with the person we will be targeting. From a psychological standpoint, this makes a big difference. According to a study referenced by LinkedIn, 87% of B2B buyers had a favorable impression of a salesperson connected through their network as opposed to 4% when the person wasn’t connected.
  2. This avoids the mass spamming of anyone and everyone on LinkedIn that have nothing in common with you.

Once we have that list we simply start to view the profiles of those people one by one. Nothing else.

The reason we do this is to show up in the person’s “Recently Viewed” list. Once we have viewed a profile we then wait to see if they view us back and move on to step 2.

Connection Request

Once we have viewed our target profiles we wait to see who views us back. When someone views us back we take this as an initial sign of interest or a first opt-in point. Once someone views your profile, the next step is to send them a connection request. best results I have gotten from any channel to drive leads for my business. This process is simple and repeatable for anyone selling in a B2B context.If you are looking to generate more leads for your business


every other social media platform, engaging with others is a key component to success.Encourage individuals you’re connected to on other social networks to connect with your page on LinkedIn, Then find opportunities to connect and generate leads through other people’s networks.Also, conduct manual searches and invite potential prospects into your network.LinkedIn Pulse is a great tool because it enables you to do three important things:

  1. Share knowledge
  2. Spread awareness
  3. Build authority

Publishing industry experiences or insights, personable stories or interview will not only help to spread awareness, which is an essential step to lead generation, but it will also help to establish yourself as an industry authority.

 when publishing on LinkedIn Pulse:

Update regularly.

Create a schedule and stick to it. Consistency instills a sense of reliability and keeps you relevant in their minds.Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are ideal days to post. Consider posting between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. You could also post at lunchtime and finish with end-of-day posts between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.These are the best times for posting if you want to ensure that your content is freshly displayed at the top of the feed.

Craft catchy headlines.

keep your headlines catchy, engaging, and basic SEO.Be sure to add relevant keywords to your headlines and include them in your content.Cross-promote your content on other social media sites.This is an extremely important step to take advantage of. Cross-promoting your content on Facebook and other sites helps direct outside traffic to your LinkedIn is  purpose of tailoring and optimizing your content will be amazed at your results.

Take advantage of advertising options

Having an engaging presence is beneficial for your existing network. It’s just as important when it comes to drawing new people into it, as well.And if you want to increase awareness and reach, sponsored content is one of the most effective ways to generate a consistent new stream of high-quality connections and leads.

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Regular and direct sponsored content

Sponsored content is wonderfully effective because it publishes your updates to targeted users who aren’t already-established visitors or followers. sponsoring content on LinkedIn might not seem all that impressive.

  1. LinkedIn offers extremely specific and detailed targeting options, which makes it a real winner in comparison to other sites. You can laser-target the people who will see your updates. This ensures your updates are hitting your ideal target audience instead of a broad swath of people who may or may not be interested in what you have to say.
  2. The platform also differentiates between standard sponsored content and direct sponsored content.Sponsored content is an update published on a company page.


InMail is a customized way for you to connect with people who aren’t already in your “network.” It keeps you from having to contend with restrictive character counts.With InMail, your personalized message is sent directly to a target individual’s LinkedIn inbox and will be seen right along with other conversations that show up there.LinkedIn creates a frequency cap on sponsored InMail content so that individuals aren’t inundated with sponsored content messages.This drastically increases the recipient’s receptiveness to your messages.The process for creating such personalized and highly targeted messages is relatively simple, and LinkedIn has an extremely user-friendly dashboard so that you can organize various campaign efforts.When it comes of customizing the sender, the platform requires that you share either a first- or second-degree connection with the person you want to send the message to.Your intended recipient will then receive a message in their LinkedIn inbox, and either accept or deny your request.You’ll receive a notification either way.

 InMail is that it’s only available to paid, premium LinkedIn members

 best practices in mind when crafting your InMail content.

  • Keep it about the recipient. 
  • Keep it personable. Especially the subject line. Keep the tone interesting and friendly, and be sure to tailor it to your target demographic.
  • Keep it concise. Respect the recipient’s time. Get to the point right away, preferably within the first 1-2 sentences. Generally speaking, fewer than 1,000 characters is recommended.
  • Use hyperlinks. Use them, but don’t go overboard. Your CTA is the perfect opportunity to do this, and it’s a great way to incorporate hyperlinks for the purpose of website conversions or for redirecting users to a specific landing page or desirable next step.

Want to track the results of your InMail send-outs?

 since LinkedIn offers a robust analytics platform within the Campaign Manager dashboard Use it to monitor performance and track your progress and conversions.

You can even integrate the conversion-tracking tool on your company’s website or landing page by adding an insight tag.To do so, you will first need to login to the Campaign Manager platform.

Once logged in, hover over  “Tools,” which is located in the upper right corner.Once “Tools” is highlighted, click on Conversion Tracking.  This will take you to the setup page, where you will enter the URL of the website where that you would like to embed the conversion tracker.Once you’ve entered the URL, press the “Continue” button. You’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll find the insight tag LinkedIn has generated for you.

The text that’s generated is a lightweight code that you’ll embed on your site, which will make the conversion tracking work.So, select the text and copy it to your website in theHTML section.I highly recommend that you add the JavaScript code to every page of your site, but before the end of the <body> tag in the global footer section.Once you’ve added this code to your website, you’ll need to create a conversion action via the platform.A conversion action tells the Campaign Manager program and code which behaviors are to be monitored and classified as a conversion.

After you’ve completed this step, you’ll be redirected to a page where you have the option to select a bundle of conversions you have created (or would like to create), which you can monitor for the campaign.Select the action you would like to add to the campaign, then click on “Apply” to set it all in motion.

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Text Ads

LinkedIn offers both pay-per-click (PPC) and cost per impression (CPM) text ads, and just like with sponsored content posts and InMail, targeting is highly customizable.

A few of the most popular targeting options for text ads on Linkedin include age, gender, industry, position, schools, degrees and even shared groups.

Like more traditional ad platforms, , you set your own bids and budgets for the campaigns you run, and only pay for performance, which can be tracked through LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager.

To follow my steps  to achieve LinkedIn marketing success, people on LinkedIn are interested in building legitimate, professional relationships. So stay away from the sales jargon and shallow marketing pitches and focus on calculated engagement.Sales ploys will only serve to discredit you in their minds.So how exactly do you create quality content that “effectively and efficiently influences the thoughts, feelings and behaviors” of your end user?Through great research and planning, which starts with segmentation.By segmenting your audience, you’ll be able to define a subgroup of individuals that you’re interested in reaching, which will help you optimize your influence.

Once you’ve properly segmented your target audience, you’ll now be able to strategically and effectively tailor your message for optimal impact.Qualities like tone, style, and format should be heavily considered based on the shared individual personality and character traits of your target demographic.White papers, tutorials, SlideShare presentations, and webinars are all effective at funneling, but they are not a one-size-fits-all approach.You must consider what your target audience wants and then give it to them.

 If you want to start generating targeted leads on LinkedIn every day, it’s 100% possible.

  • There are now 500 million business professionals on their network
  • 100 million of those users are active daily
  • 40 million users are in decision-making roles

That’s 40 million potential targets on the LinkedIn network that are in positions to make business and buying decisions. This leaves little doubt that there is a large audience which presents the opportunity to generate new business from the LinkedIn platform if a smart strategy is employed.

Strategy Parameters

Now I knew there was an opportunity, so it was time to see if I could find the right strategy. It is important to determine what the right strategy is, so for me that meant it met the following parameters:

  1. Generated leads consistently
  2. Was repeatable and not too time-consuming
  3. No ad spend required
  4. No mass spamming

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