10+ Best Push Notification Ad Networks of 2019


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What are Push Notifications

Push notification is simply an alert message with an icon that appears in your client browser or a mobile device. people quite knowingly agree to receive push notifications after subscribing to a website’s or mobile notifications, so, that instantly means that they show interest and are potential conversions.Whenever a publisher/brand launches or publishes a new update, feature, product, service or some exclusive offer, the customers who have agreed to receive push notifications will get instantly notified about it.


push notifications give best results both in terms of performance and earnings. Over the years online businesses have tried numerous strategies and methods to ensure the maximum outreach of their business and connectivity with their customers.

 It aim at converting customers into potential buyers to obtain that additional stream of revenue. And the most successful method for this making happen is Web , mobile Push Notifications. 

How Push Notifications Ads work?

Push notifications show ads to users on an ongoing basis once a user or subscriber allows to receiving push notifications from your website.

It has a major advantage that people quite knowingly agree to receive push notifications after subscribing to a website’s notifications.

Whenever a customer allows receiving push notifications, it implies that they are showing instant interest in your brand and are potential conversions that are most likely to purchase your product or service whenever they get a push notification about it.

Why should you use Push Notifications Ads?

Push notifications are the most favourably app driven and are considered the most economical and cost-effective ways of boosting the outreach and conversion rate of your business. Businesses can send out push notification messages through an app to communicate with their users to either update them about an offer or notify them about an exclusive product launch, etc.

Push notifications are designed to be mobile responsive and almost all modern web browsers today support push notification and the same is replicated for desktop and laptops. This enables customers and subscribers to get valuable notifications from their brands anywhere anytime, on the go. Push notification can deliver great results if you can reach out to the right audience. Plus it is very lucrative both for the publisher and the ad network.

Apart from this, push notifications are extremely prompt and the customer gets notified INSTANTLY about the update. These are much quicker than the conventional email notifications. push notification networks and their rapidly growing popularity in the internet industry, over the past 2-3 years.

Types of Push Notifications

There are primarily 3 types of push notifications that are actively used in today’s internet oriented businesses:

  • Mobile Pushes

These are the rectangular framework containing various messages that appear at the top of the screen, which is called the “screen curtain”.

  • Web Pushes

These are the most commonly seen form where a little notification pops up in the corner of the display even if the browser is minimized.

  • Rich Pushes

Rich push notifications that feature additional elements that are not usually shown in the previous 2 forms, like a big picture, video, audio and a functional button as a complement to these components.

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Best Push Notification Ad Networks for 2019: Detailed Review

Since push notifications are the hottest  tools of boosting conversion rates and the overall profit of a brand, numerous push notification ad networks have been developed and launched over the last 2 years that are competing for head to head with one another to stand out as the best. If you simply even search for the keyword “Web Push notification” or “Push notification ad network” on Google, you’ll be handed a buffet of over hundreds of ad platforms and networks that provide these services to publishers and advertisers.every business has different characteristics and targets different sections of the audience. In short, every business has its own niche, so naturally, push notification networks also target specific niches instead of going all out for everyone!

some of the best push notification ad networks for 2019 that can increase your outreach, subscription rate, conversion rate and bring you additional revenue. Meanwhile, we hope that you find your ideal network and successfully get started with push notification ads for an additional revenue stream.

DatsPush Push Notifications Network

DatsPush is a large international advertising network which specializes in push notificationsonly. It is a rapidly developing promotional network of push notifications, helping people to profitably monetize websites and also selling high-quality live traffic.
Image result for DatsPush Push Notifications Network

Use The Best Push Notification Advertising Network With Over 663 Million Active Push Ads Subscribers Worldwide.Selling Push Notification Ads to CPC $0.003+ For All GEO’s. Minimum Deposit on $25.00. 492+ Million Active Subscribers. We Are The Biggest Push Notification Advertising Network. 24/7 Campaign Approval. Get Cheaper Conversions. No Adblockers.

check out Froggyads 

plugrush push notification ads

PlugRush is a digital adult advertising network which offers complete monetization solution to worldwide publishers. As a solution to publishers this network offers some best ad formats which actually work and generate higher revenue. The ad formats offered by this network are banner ads, native ads and pop-under ads for both desktop and mobile devices.Image result for plugrush push notifications reviews

It being a global advertising network provides worldwide coverage with 99% fill rate. This simply means none of your traffic will remain unsold. In addition to that this network offers premium rates for high quality traffic. The higher the quality of traffic, the better rates you will get.

PlugRush believes in providing quality services to publishers and therefore, they test all of their ad units before serving them to publisher websites. They even monitor their campaigns 24/7 to filter out any poor quality or malicious ads. To provide additional security to publishers their ad codes support https protocol. So, overall you can expect high quality ads from this network.

check out plugrush push notification ads


Ad-Maven is one of that top Push Notification Ad Network and a self-serve platform that possesses over 25 years of experience and owing to its cutting-edge optimization technology pays you a good margin more than any other network.

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10+ best push notifications ad network

Registering and signing up to Ad-Maven is quick and easy, so much so that everything including picking your preferred monetization, copying a piece of code and implementing on your website, will be done in over 5 minutes, after which, you can begin to monetize your website.


iZooto offers cost effective web push notification tools to helps publishers with audience building and driving user engagement. iZooto is the second largest push notification platform in the world with over 15,000 marketers use iZooto to push over 10 billion notifications a month.

izooto push notifications ad network

iZooto primarily focuses on helping publishers own their audience and invest in building their media assets. It allows publishers to monetize their websites using native content ads by simply tapping into web push notifications for driving traffic. Native content ads served on push notifications attract CTR’s up to 2% – 3%, unlike the conventional display ads.

iZooto offers an incremental source of revenue from push notification ads by enabling publishers to generate 15-20% of their traffic using push notifications and consequently increasing their overall revenue by 15%.Clean native and contextual ads.Robust product that can help you increase website traffic.Recommended for all websites.Higher revenue potential than competitors

push Monetization

Developed in 2017, Push Monetization is a rapidly growing push notification software that allows advertisers to send push notifications to their users and provides publishers with an additional revenue stream from it with the help of superior targeting by allowing users and subscribers to become potential customers with just one single click or tap on the screen, consequently offering better ROI.

Push Monetization Review- Push Notification Advertising Network

Their services are supported on all Push-Enabled Browsers like

  • Chrome (Android & Desktop)
  • Safari (Android & Desktop)
  • Firefox (Desktop)
  • Opera (Android & Desktop)

Push Monetization boasts of a massive outreach having reached over 22784116 customers and having sent over 150,000,000 monthly notifications. It has an untapped inventory and unique monetization solution, making it one of the best in the industry.

You can target your desired audience by country, city, state, device, OS, browser, and many other categories. The best performing websites that use Push Monetization for push notifications include torrent, Music MP3, movie streaming, Anime, Picture sharing sites, etc.Relatively newer push notification ad network.Incremental monetization stream for publishers.Calculates user lifetime value

Check Out Push Monetization Now

propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the most successful names in the ad networking industry promising 100% of international traffic and highest possible CPM. The network is CPM based unlike AdSense and it outsmarts all other networks by offering a very large variety of ad products.

Best ad networks with push notification

Propeller Ads offers a good amount of options and no matter which website or niche you are it, the platform will provide you with a product. Propeller Ads can work really efficiently for you and be a push monetization solution for you if you have a good volume of social or direct traffic.Good CPM rates for push notification ads.Lifetime incremental revenue from your ads

Megapu.sh is one of the newest ad networks in the internet industry and perhaps the very first ad network that allows you to send ads with push notifications.

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MegaPush Review- Advertising Network Push Notifications

Megapu.sh is the perfect solution for you in case you are an affiliate marketer and are constantly looking for creative and effective ways to optimize your campaigns. This network provides more control over your ad campaigns and is a great tool to engage readers and drive new people to your site.

Check Out Megapu.Sh Now


richpush ad network for push notifications

Richpush offers very high conversion rates and advanced targeting and is considered one of the best push notification ad network because almost all niches show good performance under this network, whether shopping, health, education, gambling, finance, crypto, app installs, etc.

Check Out Richpush Now


Ezmob is a mobile advertising company that helps you set up campaigns using self-serve interface by allowing you to purchase mobile traffic and ultimately leverage the true power of real-time bidding. You have complete control over your ad campaigns and are allowed to spend your advertising dollars more efficiently, making faster decisions and wasting less time.

push notification ad networks ezmob

Ezmob would get you traffic from over 160 countries ensuring almost unlimited reach and also offer a neatly organized self-serve dashboard lets you have better control over your campaigns, plus you could even choose one of their highly skilled managers to do that for you.


AdSterra push notifications with ad

Adsterra comes as one of the top names when people consider popularity and scale. The network has a massive reach serving over 10 billion impressions per month plus services covering more than 190 countries. They mainly runs campaigns from affiliates and advertisers who are looking to maximize their app downloads.


Airpush is one of the largest mobile ad platforms with over 120,000 apps using its Software Development Kit. The platform provides the most advanced targeting and optimization technology and has a wide range of ad formats to choose from including Push Ads, Overlay Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media Ads and more.

Airpush ad network for push notifications

Airpush has provided great results to thousands of internet businesses by powering some of the most successful mobile campaigns that of some of the most iconic brands includes Amazon.com, Toyota, Coca-Cola and more.


HilltopAds – Advertising Network

Hilltopads is a top performing global advertising platform with international ad serving and a global network that primarily aims at helping online business and growth of advertisers, webmasters and ad networks enhance their conversions and revenues. The platform offers one of the best converting offers and high eCPMs, thus guaranteeing the making of big money from websites and monetization of web traffic. HilltopAds offers a good amount of options for ad formats and strives to maintain the good ad quality.

Check Hilltopads now

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10+ Best Push Notification Ad Networks of 2019

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