10 best Free Traffic Exchange WebSites|Get Free Website Traffic


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10 best Free Traffic Exchange WebSites for  personal blog, business sites,news sites,ecommerce sites to boost visiblity in search engine results.Increase your rankings using the most trusted auto-surf traffic exchange and manual traffic exchange  for better seo results

1. HitSafari

HitSafari is a traffic exchange platform for getting unlimited traffic on blog and website. If you want to get traffic on your website then use HitSafari to get more traffic. The best about HitSafari is that it always targets on the relevant audience. HitSafari is a great and best platform where you will earn as much traffic as much you pay to others.

2.hitleap viewers

hitleap autosurf =>hitleap viewers

Free Traffic Exchange

hitleap is a top traffic exchange service that helps you to increase visitors, rankings and more. Buy a traffic package or get free website traffic in minutes.


click autosurf Website => otohits.net
Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Otohits has been designed for simple and fast operation:

  • An inscription in a few seconds.
  • Validation within 24 hours of your links, automatic validation of whitelisted sites.
  • An exclusive engine!
  • More than 15 million visits generated per day!

4. BuxEpt

BuxEpt is a traffic exchange website that is totally free. The more you will visit others link, the more you will get on your blog or website. If you will visit 10,000 links in a day then you will get 10,000 on your website as well. The best about BuxEpt is that there are no limit over daily visiting. BuxEpt is equally beneficial for members and advertiser.

5. Ebesucher

Ebesucher is a traffic exchanger and mail exchanger platform. The users of Ebesucher are webmaster, advertisers and many other individuals. The best about Ebesucher is that it is also available for mail exchange as well that work just like traffic exchanger. Ebesucher provides the traffic without any costs. Ebesucher is a great platform for earning more from your website.

6. Tezak Traffic Power

Tezak Traffic Power is a free to use traffic exchange platform. The best about Tezak Traffic Power is that unlike other traffic exchange, Tezak Traffic Power provides the 11 methods for getting traffic on your website or blog. First method of Tezak Traffic Power is just like other traffic generating website and that is view other marketing sites and get as much on your as your visit others.

5. Manual Traffic Exchange

Manual Traffic Exchange is for earning more money from your website by increasing the number of visitors on your website. Manual Traffic Exchange deals in traffic exchange for website and social media networking. Manual Traffic Exchange is designed with the aim of getting more traffic on your websites. Join it for free.

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6. 10KHits

10KHits is for getting free traffic on websites, blogs, business websites, online stores, video channels, social media accounts and much more. The deal is simple; hit on the link of others and get hit on yours. The benefits of using 10KHits are: real visitors, enhance Alexa rank, boost website worth, lower bounce rate, totally secure, etc.

7. 247 Auto Hit

247 Auto Hit is a free source for getting unlimited traffic for free. 247 Auto Hit is one of the best traffic exchangers. The best about 247 Auto Hit is that in addition to traffic exchange it also works on commission basis. On visiting the website others, the users will get commission in addition to unique visitors on their website or personal blog.

8. AutoWebSurf

AutoWebSurf is another auto hits traffic exchange platform. The system of AutoWebSurf automatically refers the visitors to the website of its registered users. The best about AutoWebSurf is that it delivers the visitor that stay on the website from 10 second to 300 second to decrease the bounce rate and increase the Alexa rank.

9. Traffic Bunnies

Traffic Bunnies is an all in one platform for traffic solution that allow the users to get traffic on their personal blog or website by following some simple steps. In addition to traffic exchange, other best features of Traffic Bunnies are: active administration, anti-cheat features, and addictive prize bar for getting more traffic.

10. EasyHits4u

EasyHits4u is a website that promotes the websites and ads of its users. The best about EasyHits4u is that in addition to providing free visitors to users against their visits, it also pay the commission on visits. The notable features of EasyHits4u are: easy networking system, simple method of traffic exchange, and availability of various marketing tools.

9.Traffic Ape They give you 26 views daily on the free plan

10.Get Free Ads and Website Traffic – They have auto/manual sites view that provides you credits for visiting sites, you can use earned credit to get more traffic

11.TRAFFICONIC | Free Traffic To Your Website Or Blog They have manual sites view that provides you credits for visiting sites, you can use earned credit to get more traffic

 12.SocialSpinner – Smart Traffic Exchange

SocialSpinner.net is Autosurf website traffic solution allows you to generate traffic from real people 24 hours a day.

13.Traffic Engine – Quality Traffic Exchange System – Free Traffic Source. It is a traffic exchange site. Surf timer is minimum 60 seconds and they have 100% real users.


The simplest way to exchange traffic or buy it at very low cost, increasing your website traffic and boosting alexa rankings.Get free unlimited real organic traffic and visitors to your websites and YouTube videos. Increase website traffic and boost Alexa rankings with our automated. Make advertising. More profit. Free organic traffic. Reliable and safe.


Our free traffic exchange can generate unlimited traffic for your website with ease. Free to join and gain points quickly just by using our exchanger or putting it on a VPS. Need more traffic? No hassle exchanger. Get 1,000s of views today. 100 free points at signup.

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16.AutoWebSurf : Auto Surf Auto Hits Traffic Exchange

Free website visitors traffic to your business websites, blogs, online shopping stores and videos. Autowebsurf is in business since 2010.

17.RankBoostup: Free Website Traffic Exchange

RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange

A Free Website Traffic Exchange. The best way to get website traffic to your website. Increase your rankings using the most trusted auto-surf traffic exchange .

18.BigHits4U: Free Website Traffic Exchange

Free website traffic exchange that helps you to get traffic to your website and increase rankings. BigHits4U is the best traffic exchange since 2014!

19.W3Hit –  Get Free Website Traffic exchange

w3hit.com is a free traffic exchange, SEO tool for website Rank booster software boost program which support you 24×7 auto surf and auto hit to increase traffic on website, w3 hit Website Traffic, Traffic Exchange Software


It is automated traffic, we use real web browsers with automation to create it, it means the traffic looks like real human traffic just doesn’t make purchases. We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics.

Cheap Website Traffic

Usually Google ranks higher websites with more traffic so we do believe that having more traffic in Google Analytics actually help with your ranking. However since no one can really know the ranking algorithms we cannot guarantee any particular ranking results.


Get 100% FREE Website Views, and Hits. Start Promoting Right Now, colect bonuses and invite all your friends to join.Hit4Hit.org is a community dedicated to bring more traffic to your website. We are building a system to make your website more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines take in the account number of unique visits made every day. More views, means more likely that your page or status will appear on the search results. The math is simple. More visits, means higher status, and more exposure.Hit4Hit.org website, and it’s system is programed from the ground up, and do not contain any third party programs, plugins, and component. Our team of programmers have a mission to develop natural flowing websites!


Get free traffic to your website or blog and make your website go viral in minutes from the worlds number one website traffic exchange network.Trafficonic is the best traffic exchange service that empowers millions of webmasters with real human visitors to their websites. With Trafficonic, users can receive thousands of hits to their websites, get more conversions, boost their website’s Alexa rank and increase their website’s worth and value.
Creating an account is easy and is totally free. There is absolutely no catch to it. Trafficonic is absolutely 100% free to use. We do offer affordable account upgrades which unlocks the geo targeting option + many many other features.Trafficonic is the de facto standard traffic exchange for webmasters, small business owners, SEO Companies and traffic resellers who want measureable results for their websites traffic, websites promotion and clients. Trafficonic has almost everything which you need to keep you and your clients happy.

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Trafficonic was founded by Pakistani IT Expert and SEO Analyst Mr. Hassan Munawar, Who launched this website on 1st January 2018 and in just first three months of its launching, Trafficonic becomes most popular traffic exchange network across the internet.

UltimateWebTraffic.com is Real Human Traffic, Buy Website Traffic: ,US States Traffic , Targeted Traffic , Adult Traffic.


Create your own traffic bot and boost your visibility with the best website traffic generator. Drive thousands of visits to your website right now.A traffic exchange website goes on to receive website submissions from webmasters who join traffic exchange networks. Next, the person submitting the website is required to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits. It allows their sites to be viewed by other members via the surf system. It requires the surfer to view a certain number of websites for receiving one hit through the program for their promoted website. Here, the viewers are mostly website owners or affiliates.


sparktraffic is an advanced, automated tool that lets you effortlessly generate thousands of daily visits to your website.Traffic Bot provides to all the users a chance to get absolutely free 6000 hits per month for almost any website.
We only ask that the website is not an affiliate link, redirect, free or 3rd level domain nor it already exists in our database.


TrafficApe is a community-driven web traffic generator and ad network. Improve your Alexa ranking, and increase page views to any website, blog, or social networks.

anywebstuff.com – HOW TO GROW YOUR WEB BUSINESS FREE Web,Webstuff, Website, Website SEO, Website traffic, Social media, Internet blogs.

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10 best Free Traffic Exchange WebSites|Get Free Website Traffic

10 best Free Traffic Exchange WebSites|Get Free Website Traffic
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