How to use Quick Social Selling Tips to grow your small business    

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social selling  are a great source for leads and prospects. use Quick Social Selling Tips to grow your small business and process of developing relationships as part of the sales process.  Social selling  via social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can take place either online or offline.  72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers.
Social selling is my ability to listen to your conversation, engage you on topics that are of interest to you and provide you with great content on that subject that will ultimately lead you to doing business with me.

But, what is it and how does it work?

  • Keeping up with new sales strategies is challenging – especially today.  social selling  is more than a buzzword and has been proven to increase company revenue by 16%
  • Sales reps that use social selling sell more and reach their targets faster. Yet, 75% of sales reps do not use it as part of their overall sales strategy. Why is it that only a few sales reps are using social selling?
  • social selling is more than just sharing content on LinkedIn and hoping for the leads to pour in. Here, we share 8 social selling tips that you can use today.Sales people struggle with generating new leads.

What is social selling?

Social selling is when sales people use social media to find and engage with new prospects. Sales people use social media to provide value to prospects by answering questions, responding to comments and by sharing content throughout the buying process – from awareness to consideration, until a prospect is ready to buy.

Social selling is the new sales model  and qualifying leads is  the new way of B2B sales means using social media networks to reach new prospects, educate them on how your company can help them grow their business, and nurture them through content.

The growth of social media usage has been a huge factor in why social selling has been adopted and several studies point toward the B2B buyer using social media as an important part of their research process.

Have a complete and professional LinkedIn profile

Having a compelling and professional profile is critical to your success on LinkedIn and social selling. This is a pre-requisite before you actively use LinkedIn as a lead generation or business building tool.

50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles.

Use a professional headlines

First impressions are everything, especially online.

You only have seconds to make a positive impression, so make the best first impression with a professional headshot to ensure that your profile image will convey the impression that you want to make.

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is client-focused

Begin with Your LinkedIn profile must be 100% client-focused. Show your prospects that you know what their problems are and that you can offer a solution. If you understand where they’re coming from, what their motivations are, and if you speak their language, you’ll be able to connect with them 

Social selling on LinkedIn begins with a profile that speaks to your target audience, 

To begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your ideal client (and, more specifically, who are they on LinkedIn)?
  • What is the typical language of their business, industry, or organization?
  • What kinds of challenges do they face?

Request recommendations for your current position

LinkedIn Recommendations are powerful – they are a powerful form of social proof as prospective clients can see them and be assured they are not fake testimonials as they can click on the profile of the people who have given them to you.Go ask several of your past and current clients for a LinkedIn recommendation.  Stick to asking people who can genuinely vouch for who you are and what you do. Start by sending them a message asking if they would mind providing you with a recommendation. Once they say yes, send them a customized message through the request a recommendation function on LinkedIn.

Content Marketing: Build Authority, Credibility, and Trust

  • When posting other’s content with the addition of your perspective, you create more opportunities for discussion and engagement with prospects
  • Sharing other’s content is more efficient than just creating your own original content while also allowing you to share fresh insights with your prospects regularly
  • Curating content can help your prospects with a current struggle—and by providing this value to them, you strengthen and build relationships

Stay top of mind by posting daily status updates

When you post a status update, many of your connections will see your update in their newsfeed. If you are publishing valuable content and insightful ideas, you will become top of mind within your network, and over time this will enhance your authority and credibility. Aim to post at least one status update each day, to get the best results.

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Republish articles you have written on LinkedIn Publisher

Regularly posting articles on LinkedIn Publisher is an effective method to build your influence and to create conversation and engagement with both your potential prospects and network in general.

One of the reasons that posting on LinkedIn Publisher is so effective is because it gives you your own publishing platform, similar to your blog, but it can expand your reach beyond your own personal network.

LinkedIn Publisher posts are also indexed by Google and show up in organic search results.

A quick way to start building your presence on LinkedIn Publisher is to re-post the most popular and relevant articles from your blog. Be sure that Google has already indexed the post on your website first by waiting at least a few days after posting the article on your blog to republish on Publisher.

 Connect with existing colleagues, clients and other professionals that you know outside of LinkedIn

When building your network on LinkedIn, be sure to start by connecting with people you know and have recently met. These are the most natural people to connect with whether they are an old colleague or someone you just met at a conference or networking event..

 Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target market

It is essential to know that people can only find you on LinkedIn if you’re in their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level networks – OR – if you’re a member of the same group.

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 100 groups, so you can significantly expand the size of your reach (potentially by thousands or even millions of people, many of whom are leads and prospects) by joining targeted groups that your ideal clients are members of.

This is what makes joining LinkedIn Groups one of the fastest and most effective ways of expanding your LinkedIn network, but only if you join the right groups. The big mistake people make is they just join their industry-specific groups. To benefit from the increased network that joining LinkedIn groups provides, you must join the groups that your ideal clients belong to, NOT your competitors.

One of the fastest ways to expand your LinkedIn network is by collaborations with others

Follow and engage with influencers

Look for collaboration opportunities with other professionals or influencers who provide complementary products or services.

Collaborative opportunities can take many additional forms, including:

Strategic Alliance: This is when two or more people/companies work together to pursue an agreed upon goal while remaining independent of each other. 

Joint Venture Partner (JVP): This is when two or more people/companies come together to form a temporary partnership to complete a specific event or project.

Referral Partner: This is a person or company that sends relevant prospective leads to you and you to them because you offer complementary services to similar audiences. 

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Engage and Interact: Social Selling is Relationship Building

Once you are connected to a prospect, you need to start building rapport. You do this by starting a conversation with your new contact, so you can begin the process of building a relationship with them.

To do this, you follow up with a personalized message, expressing interest in learning more about them. The process of building relationships isn’t limited to just one message after you connect with a prospect. You’ll want to send additional messages to continue the momentum and begin to add value to them and their business.

The content of these messages will depend on your industry and goals but should NOT include anything that could be perceived as sales materials or a sales pitch of any sort!The LINK Method™, a five-step approach to go from cold connection to an offline conversation in my book LinkedIn Unlocked.

Review your notifications and look for opportunities to engage

Your LinkedIn notifications are a wonderful source of potential connections and conversations.

Every day you should review your Notifications to look for engagement opportunities. This will show you all the people who have engaged with your content, have followed you, have liked your updates, or have taken any other action that involves you on LinkedIn. You can then look for an opportunity to connect with them, reply to their comments, or begin a private conversation with them.

See who is viewing your profile and connect with prospects

When someone views your profile, this is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with them if they are lead, prospect or potential partner. As always, when you send a connection request make sure you take the time to personalize it.

LinkedIn Sales Conversion: Move the Conversation Offline

Once you have built rapport with a prospect, move the conversation offline

Social selling isn’t about selling. It’s about lead generation. You need to get to the point with social selling that you have earned the right to have a conversation offline by building rapport and trust. It’s through an offline conversation that you can learn about the person, the challenges they face and then make recommendations that involve your solutions.

Tracking google analytics

Marketers can also track the success of social media content using analytics sites like Google Analytics (GA). For example, conversion funnels can be set up to help measure how users are actually moving through your site. You can see how a consumer entered your site, and what their subsequent actions were. For instance:

  • Destination: A user visits a specific page
  • URL Duration: A user spends a certain amount of time on your site
  • Pages/screens per session: A user visits a pre-set number of pages
  • Event: A user takes action on an element tracked with JavaScript

Major events include:

  • Purchases
  • Form submissions
  • Email list sign-ups
  • Resource downloads

it enables visibility on which pieces of content or social posts resonate with your audience the most, and eventually turn leads into business at the highest rates.

By including unique, GA-specific, tracking links within each post on yoursocial media pages to make it easier to track, sort, and analyze content. When these links are combined with UTM tracking and goals, it can provide insight into how social media is impacting revenue.

Providing your team with a strong grasp of what’s necessary for social selling will help your bsiness increase leads, prospects and close more deals. More importantly it will empower your sellers to be proactive and solution focused.

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 Reduce Cold Calling

Social selling will cut down or cut out your cold calling altogether.

Social selling presents an easy way to establish genuine interaction between you and your potential customers. You’re “talking” to your customer before you ever speak a word to them.

You get the chance to earn their trust when the pressure is off and nurture prospects without the push and prod of the typical sales call.

Save Time with Social Selling

How often do you say to yourself, “How long is it going to take to close this lead?” After all, cold calls leave the customer in a position of ultimate control.

Today’s pre-purchase research is faster and easier to conduct. If you’ve been sharing valuable information and interacting with people on a level playing field, you may find prospects having decided to do business with you before they even pick up the phone.

Customer Retention

Social selling allows you to be in touch with your previous customers without interfering with their busy day. There’s no need to call and check in when you’re regularly putting valuable content in front of them or making yourself available to answer their questions.

We all know that the cost to acquire a new client is far greater than the cost to retain an existing one. 

social Selling Statistics

 we will cover my favorite social selling strategies and tactics. Right now let’s take a look at some awesome social selling statistics. 

  • The average cold calling appointment-booking rate is a measly 0.3%. The average sale rate is 20%. That means the average salesperson makes over 6,200 calls to make 4 sales.
  • 84% of B2B executives use social media to research buying decisions.
  • Social selling provides 45% more sales opportunities than cold calling.
  • Social sellers are 66% more likely to attain their quota.
  • Social Sellers reported a 55% customer renewal rate and a sales forecast accuracy of 54%.
  • Only 31% of B2B salespeople use social media as a part of their sales process.
  • Only 26% of salespeople felt that they understand how to use social media to improve their sales.
  • Last but not least, IBM used social selling to boost sales by 400% in a single quarter!

94% of B2B buyers conduct some degree of research online before making a business purchase, with 55% conducting online research for at least half of their purchases.

91% of B2B buyers are now active and involved in social media

84% of senior executives use social media to support purchase decisions

75% of B2B buyers are significantly influenced by social media

 46% of decision makers are now aged between 18 and 34 years old (up from 27% in 2012), which coincidentally, is the largest social media user demographic.

 what are the benefits of social selling and help me  grow your business

  • Sales reps sell more when they use social networks.
  • Social selling is ultimately about building relationships. But, before you build them, you need to make sure you choose the right network. Then, you can build new relationships, provide value to prospects and nurture leads.

Choose the most relevant social network

  • social selling success. in the big social network are sales people are active on the same platform as their potential customers. 
  • sales people in fashion excel on Pinterest and why B2B sales reps generate leads from LinkedIn.
  • by identifying the social networks that match your potential customer:
  • YouTube and Facebook have the lion share of all age groups, Forrester Research has found that decision makers primarily use Twitter and LinkedIn.
  •  if you’re selling products that appeal to teenagers, you should use Facebook and Instagram. And if you sell products or services aimed towards businesses and decision makers, then use LinkedIn or Twitter.

Follow the right Twitter users

To build your network, use a tool like Followerwonk.

Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter profiles by topic or keyword and that provides you with a list in order of top rated Twitter users. For example, you can begin your search with “CRM”, “Sales” and “Marketing”.

By using Followerwonk, you can follow multiple Twitter users quickly rather than visiting and requesting to follow on each individual profile, which can be time consuming. 

Create a wish list of companies and follow them

Small businesses to large corporations can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn through company profiles or accounts.  you can keep up to date on company news,when they ask for product recommendations

Create a wish list of 10-20 dream companies that are active on social media and start following them today. Like, retweet and engage with their status updates whenever possible.

Get instant notifications when prospects join LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn’s Saved Search feature you to create a search based on your ideal customer profile, and then LinkedIn will then notify you each time a new sign up matches that profile.

 perform a search using the LinkedIn search field found at the top of LinkedIn when you login, enter the criteria that matches your idea customer profile, such as job title, or industry and then click the search button.

 you will find that the results will return people who you are already connected to. To remove your first level connections, scroll down to the Relationship box (left hand side of the page)

LinkedIn will then ask you to name your search (for my example, I would use “VP sales second level connections) and then set how often you wish to receive notifications (by weekly or monthly).

Join and participate in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn has almost 600 million users.As a platform, LinkedIn provides you with opportunities for networking, referrals, etc.One of the biggest advantages on LinkedIn lies within groups – currently more than 1.8 million groups.According to LinkedIn expert , 16% of all LinkedIn users have joined 100 groups.

To find a group, search for a topic of your expertise.  What you want to do is share knowledge and expertise with potential customers.If your ideal customer is a small business owner, then search for groups relating to small businesses.If you sell customer service software, search and join groups that dedicated to customer service managers.

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Connect with potential customers on LinkedIn

When you begin to contribute to groups, you will find that more people will view your profile.When someone views your profile, send them an invitation to connect.When you send an invite request on LinkedIn, This is a great way to start a conversation with a potential customer that has shown an interest in what you do.Another way to connect with potential customers is to reach out to people in the same group. Here’s a template I use for connection requests.

Provide value by sharing relevant content

  • More than 50% of B2B buyers seek out information on products and services on social media.
  • you have a great opportunity to create new content based on what people are already searching
  •  If the conversations you engage in ask for information on best practices, share a blog post from your company blog. If a LinkedIn group is discussing product recommendations, you can share a webcast or product demo video.
  • you can create and share content based on questions, comments and topics that are being posted within your own social network.
  •  you can share providing the content adds value to the conversation.
  • It will help you find and connect with prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter, the platforms where decision makers can be found, 
  • best results from social selling come when you make it your primary goal to provide value to prospects and build relationships.
  • social selling is find Prospects, customers and competitors all use social media for business. 

Focus on personal branding

  • A personal brand is the technique of crafting the impression your sellers want to give to others about your business. 
  • The organization trained select salespeople to use LinkedIn for social selling techniques like sharing content and engaging with potential customers under a personal brand.
  • The company then compared the success of their social selling push against other sales groups that were not active on social media.
  • After 6 months of experimenting, the brand found that the sales reps who were using LinkedIn to cultivate a brand increased the revenue per sale by 122%.

Adopt Social Listening

most companies understand the reach of social media and the importance of having a presence online. When done well, social media can be used to generate leads and create new interactions. Actually, 54% of B2Bmarketers said they have generated leads from social media.

Social listening is the process of monitoring social media in order to refine your sales strategy. The information you gather can be used to determine public perception of your brand while you work toward making improvements in your overall sales approach.

Social listening is more than just replying to comments or questions about your brand or product, it is the process of taking the time to explore what customers are talking about on social media platforms in order to tailor messaging to their pain points and provide solutions.

social listening provides brands with the opportunity to:

  • Create a unique and customized customer experience
  • Control brand reputation by addressing negative and positive comments
  • See what products are resonating with a customer
  • Hear the opinions of influencers in the product space

 they use the information to develop new actions that will impact their customers at touchstones throughout their life cycle.

Monitor prospects

There are now a social selling tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, that help individuals monitor sales prospects.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows sellers to import contacts or business information from your Salesforce account into the tool. Then, you can generate a report detailing the LinkedIn activity for individuals in your Salesforce accounts. After analyzing accounts, defined territories, industries, and products the Sales Navigator tool makes recommendations for potential, viable leads.

To get alerts about relevant company changes, like new prospects, job changes and company news alerts.

 Get active on groups

The best way for sales professionals to get in front of customers is to be in the places they are conducting product research. Social media groups are just the location for that and groups are a place for prospects to ask questions, gather information and take next steps.

First, your team will need to define what groups your target audience is active in. Popular places to start include:

  • Subreddits in your industry
  • Quora
  • Facebook groups

Align with marketing

When it comes to creating industry-related content, Marketing departments work hard to create high-value marketing collateral that is meant to make it easier for salespeople to do their job. The problem is many organizations experience misalignment between marketing and sales. 

 find pain points of your customers from lead generation to account maintenance. Assets like:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Custom imagery
  • Social posts

One way to streamline this process is through technology like sales enablement tools. These tools make it easy for sales to search for content based on topics, categories, tags, or milestones of a customer journey.

Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media can be used to attract new leads, assist in closing more deals, and generate extra revenue for a company. According to SproutSocial, revenue increased for 24% of businesses when they utilized social media for lead generation.

Examples of lead generation activities include:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Contests

adding call-to-action options on your social media page is a great way to attract new leads. special tabs added to their Facebook Page specifically for lead generation.

  • 44% have generated leads through LinkedIn
  • 39% have done it through Facebook

 Social Selling on LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn is the best place to start social selling.
  2. LinkedIn is an excellent resource, but it’s not the only way to sell socially.
  3. Just because you have a LinkedIn profile doesn’t mean you’re social selling.
  4. Social selling can almost always be done better. Don’t get comfortable, always be improving!

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