How to Use Facebook Ads to DOUBLE Your eCommerce Business Within 90 Days Without Losing Thousands of Dollars    

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 how to use facebook messenger ads to double your e-commerce business within 90 days or less without losing thousands of dollars on advertising just to clarify things

How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads to DOUBLE Your eCommerce Business Within 90 days Or Less Without Losing Thousands of Dollars

  • How to create an engaging Facebook post, setup your chatbot, and run Facebook Messenger Ads without losing thousands of dollars on advertising fees.
  • My simple “5C” system that will double your eCommerce businesses within 90 days or less.
  • How to build your assets (i.e. subscribers) that you can promote your offers to, build better branding, and increase sales for your eCommerce business.

before we get started I’m not trying to sell anything in this presentation however I do when I want to reach out to me after this presentation you’re most welcome to do so I will be adding a whole bunch of value for you you throw these 60 minutes so get your pen and paper ready to take notes not sure you miss anything important you can always refer back to this and a presentation great now without further ado

let’s get the ball rolling so what will you learn today now firstly you learned how to create an engaging Facebook post set up your chat bot and run Facebook Messenger ads without losing thousands of dollars and advertising fees now I’ll go through all this in details so be sure to take notes on next you’ll learn about my simple Farsi system that will double your ecommerce business within 90 days or less

last but not least you will learn how to build your assets such as subscribers that you can promote cpa offers to and do better branding and ultimately increase sales for your e-commerce business so how can we do all this even if you have

  • No Existing Customers.
  • No Email List.
  • No Social Media Following.
  • No Connections.
  • No Technical Skills.
  • NO MORE creating endless amount of content for your Facebook page, website, etc.
  • NO MORE begging for customers’ email addresses with overused lead magnets.
  • NO MORE throwing dollars down the drain with poor quality Facebook ads.
  • NO MORE crying over low email open rates.
  • NO MORE dealing with low potential buyers.

no more creating endless amount of content and for your faithful page free web site etc you know how many people all these next to us say you have to post three four times today you know you don’t have to create endless amount of content and no more begging for customers email addresses and with overused lead magnets you know such as free ebooks and discount codes and know this you don’t want to back for customers email addresses

but we want them to willingly do business with us no more throwing money down the drain with poor quality of Facebook ads and I’ll show you all the tips and tricks how to set up your Facebook Ads so you use each dollar that you spent no the most effective way possible and no more crying over low email open rates no more dealing with lower potential buyers

so before we proceed it is fair that I share my story with dear ol my story on struggle finding a solution and achieving success so  I used to work as a typical nine-to-five engineer for five years in the shipbuilding and also the oil and gas industry back in Australia everything was great in the beginning until relights no life is just a routine day in the day out the same stuff different day suddenly not the life and living it to the fullest 

you know it’s what about it’s what that is about so while working as an engineer I was learning about online marketing and I started my and was on e-commerce business and I was trying to do everything myself and you know listening to various podcasts and reading books as well and you know what happened yeah big s it right now eventually I burned out from information overload which some of you might be able to relate to that as well and we only direction in life at some point

instead of asking what can I do or how can I do this you know we should insert us who can help me so I reach out to the right coach the right time and was able to get more clarity of what I need to do and propel forward from there when you fortunately for me as well do you know University me a huge favor I was made redundant from my engineering job 

at the moment that instant everything started to change for the better of course I was it high wasn’t wide and I just clear on my goals I knew what I needed to do and how to pursue it I realized I was able to leverage on my strengths and focus on businesses that I enjoyed running and at the same time giving me more freedom 

What’s changing in the marketplace?

Messenger > Email

 facebook email ads

I’ve helped aspiring and established entrepreneurs build businesses of their dreams and currently passion in the helping companies grow and scale their businesses faster with cutting edge strategies and a couple of ninja tactics this law now today’s presentation is from one of those cutting edge strategies

then I’m really really really excited to share with you all so here’s a disclaimer I’m not guaranteeing you achieve the same results however let me share with you three of many success stories and testimonials that I’ve received and here’s the first one from whom who said that Eugene display a great deal of passion for Amazon e-commerce business thank you and without fear when I continued surprise him with my winning strategies

what it takes to really build a wildly profitable Amazon ecommerce business and which brings us to the second testimonial will I was able to help will double with his sales his Amazon sales within 30 days and quadruple word within 40 days you know well this might not be a life-changing for some of you however now this made a huge difference for will now 

Where is Messenger Going?

facebook current monthly ads

his Amazon business and his life goals as well you know we was able to scale his misses to the next level and he was able to hopefully soon he’ll be able to quit his job and a focused on his business on a full-time and following his dream and here’s a testimonial from Paul was very thankful that I’ve helped him

his wife start their dream nutritional supplement company from scratch and generator sales within a short period of only two and a half months now they were able to turn what was once a dream into reality and pursue their passion in the fitness industry however the most important thing is you know today isn’t about me or my clients it’s not the person

who is listening to this presentation right now you know that’s right it’s you my friend it’s all about you today so is this for you if you are sick and tired of all the hyped up courses out there that over promise and under deliver you know which leaves you even more frustrated than I then when you originally started then it might be for you and you know if you are frustrated with your business 

I not not being able to break through that the next level and this is for you might be for you and if you’re confused about you know the path and the strategy to execute and also if you kept wondering to yourself and oh what can I do to scare my business and a 2×4 actually meant an exhibition and this might be for you 

I have a simple strategy for you to implement so do play close attention to this presentation so let’s take a look at what’s changing in the marketplace so the first is the comparison between email and messenger now if you look at it slightly like the average open rate for email is twenty two point eight seven percent to be exact make it something better

than this average but this is just an average metric for your reference and the average click-through rate is and at three point two six percent for email now if you look at the average open rate of messenger that’s eighty four point three percent and the average click-through rate is twenty eight point three percent

I don’t know about you but the result is quite over here no messenger tribes and email anytime now some of you might be skeptical of this but just bear with me for now it’s explained alone his presentation you will understand where I’m coming from and where the trend is moving to when I when I undo the facebook messenger ads strategy laid in this presentation 

check you know if you still insist on going with the traditional email marketing method and I have a special gift for you at the end of this presentation so ways messenger going know Mark Zuckerberg said that we think you know you should be able to message a business like how you would message a friend now

you don’t who Marcus well you know he’s the founder of Facebook and he wants to humanize conversations between businesses and customers where need comfort in messenger okay and are you probably wondering you know how many people actually use faithful messenger so this is the report on Facebook’s current monthly active users 

considering facebook Messenger now have 1.3 billion users as of September September last year we now know that Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon even after recent Facebook scandal things just change a lot sir what on earth is a chat button on it can you listen to me imagine that early on in this presentation so a chat board is also known as a top board a board

The 5 Myths of Facebook Ads

Myth #1 – Facebook Ads Doesn’t Work
Myth #2 – Amazon Ads & Adwords Are The Same as Facebook Ads
Myth #3 – Paid Advertising = MASSIVE Budget
Myth #4 – Don’t Need to Use Facebook Ads to Grow My Business
Myth #5 – I Need Lots Of Fans

I am bought a chat about interactive agent and all you want to call it artificial conversational entity is they it’s pretty much a computer program or an AI which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods for your information and got this from Wikipedia so for instance you might see in chat BOTS in action on these platforms here

my finding on slack with the slack pod and Skype Skype or line messenger telegram and also kick as well no way I bought would start a conversation whether it is helping you out with an issue or guiding you through making a purchase so they are pretty helpful when it comes to allocating tasks another interesting feature by Facebook is the Facebook feed between messenger ads and this is really really powerful for entrepreneurs business owners 

who has the product to sell and have the ability to run Facebook ads within the newsfeed and send someone to messenger to start a conversation this is one of the most personalized advertising we can use to connect with shoppers offer them your best son product and convert them into your customers

I will share the simple 5 C system that you can execute detect your businesses in the next level double even quote for you within 90 days or less so please listen a bear with me until next few slides so let’s talk about the five myths of Facebook ads for your Amazon business or your e-commerce business then I constantly hear about their from business owners so the first myth is is that Facebook ads doesn’t work now time off the time

The Simple “5C” System

5 c facebook strategy

The Simple “5C” System

•Create engaging Facebook post.
•Craft compelling Facebook Messenger ads.
•Connect and engage with shoppers
understanding their needs/pain points.
•Conversation: Explain how your products
would benefit them/solve their needs.
•Convert shoppers into lifetime customers.

I hear lots of people say that Facebook guys doesn’t work and I’m not generating the ROI that I wanted to now is it because Facebook doesn’t really work also because your ad copy sucks or your your targeting is wrong here’s an image of Facebook zing common stock on NASDAQ as of July 12 until 19 with a market capitalization of five hundred ninety three point seven billion

I was you know that’s one with six hundred billion dollars and it’s a billion with the be and not million and all those income source came straight from Facebook hypnotizing so don’t even think that Facebook Ads doesn’t work I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna give you strategy in today’s presentation that will shift your whole mindset and teaches you how to run a highly effective and highly efficient Facebook at showing you that fatal ads does work now the second myth is that most ecommerce business owners thinks that PPC ads it’s the same as face

whereas and I serve it’s pretty easy to set it up Facebook ads isn’t easy to set up and are you it is you know if you know what you’re doing and I’m afraid they are wrong Facebook ads it’s also a different beast itself and there are lots of moving parts within it you know you need to consider demographics Geographic psychographics whereas you need to use the right keywords and set your budget on say

for example Amazon sponsored PPC ads and that’s about it so the third myth is I would like to point out is that paid advertising in quite a massive budget yes that’s correct if you don’t know what you’re doing and a for-instance targeting rocky words for PPC ads or Adwords and wanting a poorly written Facebook ads are clearly cost you 

I’m in the lake now this is why used online keyword tools to find out what keywords are converting whether it is short or long tail keywords for your ads or Adwords and it’ll also learn more about Facebook Ads so you can run more cost efficient and highly targeted ads it is important that you understand your target audience down to a tee now all three elements 

I mentioned earlier you know demographics Geographic and psychographics these are the three important elements that you need to understand in order to get to know your target audience now myth number four I don’t use focus ad to grow my business I’m selling on Amazon and on my own website 

Step 1 – Create Engagement Post

Why Engagement Matters?
1. Visibility
2. Trust
3. Interest
3 Types of Engaging Facebook Posts
1. Keep color scheme clean and
2. Recognizable image
3. Minimal, impactful, and concise

Step 2 – Craft Compelling Facebook

Messenger Ads
Facebook Campaign Structure

people will find my product through word-of-mouth referrals blah blah blah and I do say word of mouth yeah what if my fees powerful but if you can scale with 10 times and only 100 times quicker with ads why not well that’s true you won’t be able to hit reach your ideal audience as well and capture their data as sufficient as they’re running Facebook ads

so which brings us to myth number 5 right here Marissa you might think that and I need a lot of fans or followers or subscribers to be able to run face wet and market to them however you need strategies to leverage on others influences fanbase instead all you need to do is show up at the right place and at the right time

you will always win and this is where Facebook Ads comes in so if I weave in a strategy I’m gonna start off by giving you this quote from Jim Rhon if you really want to do something you’ll find a way if you don’t you find an excuse but the main purpose of this presentation just to show you the strategy and using facebook messenger ads and chat BOTS double your e-commerce businesses without and I’m sorry we didn’t 90 days or less and ultimately achieve your dreams

you guys ready to learn about this simple fastest system great let’s do this together so here’s an overview of the ultimate fastest system to scale your e-commerce business which I’ll explain in detail in this presentation from running Hardy targeted facebook Messenger as driving potential customers to your engaging

you create which will connect them and turn them into subscribers and ultimately convert them into customers for life so step one is to create your engaging Facebook posts step to craft your compelling facebook messenger ads step three to connect and engage with shoppers understand their needs

you know and also their pain points step four conversation explain how your products would benefit them and also solve their needs so in a mega purchase which takes us to step five and they’re converting all these choppers into lifetime customers by providing great customer surveys

something and also product that we understand and also solve their needs and pain points so first step is to create engaging posts for instant if you’re selling weight loss products you can create engaging posts that goes like this so what is your number one fitness goals for the next three months you know a lose weight BB muscles C stay in shape now comment below for a special price

it’s something along those lines now our main goal for this is to get comments with simple keywords of which we will set up our chat bot down tract to recognize these keywords and send commenters a message it’s a why engagement matters for your Facebook posts now you’ve made it Facebook page for your business needs you optimize it and your post regularly

the thing that steps enough unfortunately a great-looking Facebook page will be largely accessible and successful without engagement on your post you might have you know 10,000 subscribers but when you post you only half and a less intense engagement in your pose that’s not really helpful so the most important reason to pay attention to your engagement in your posts that will not be seen without it and a Facebook algorithm makes it hard for getting post to reach your audience your post must have lights comments

shares in order to and visibility on your Facebook on your followers newsfeed another advantage of strong engagement in your Facebook post a promotion of trusts and in your brand when new visitors see a lot of engagement in your posts they will see that your brand has a it’s a leader in the industry and next an engaging posts will lead to an increased interest in your Facebook page interesting posts create the most engagement and keep in mind

when followers and your followers realize that your posts are frequently engaging and therefore they frequently they get interesting too with your posts they will more be more likely to follow your page closely next let’s take a look at Facebook Ads image guide Facebook’s very strict when it comes to using image posts for ads or no you can check out the link below here and read through the whole image guidelines before you create your engaging posts

so go to forward slash business forward slash at – guide for slash image hash hash hash tag sorry so get understanding the whole rules and regulations the guidelines that Facebook needs you to follow before you create your engagement posts so they are pretty hard to engaging posts

you can create now the first is to post a simple question for instance and what is your favorite pizza topping the second one is the post asking your audience to make a choice in between two or three things most importantly pick a favorite no or choose a team the third type of engaging pose is the cross was feedback from audience now people love your giving feedback

when you ask for input the right way of course you know your audience would jump bought in it would be quick to respond and one of the benefits is you can improve your business and delight your customer with the feedback that you receive from your customers in general and on a simple post with less here are the three tips on our in general

so the first one is to keep your color scheme clean and keep it consistent as well to your branding and tip number three number two is to have recognizable image whether it is your products or where it is you want to use a meme or something that people can recognize instantly the third one is keep the post minimal and keep it impactful 

also concise here’s an example of a Facebook post that I created for my clients that you can refer to there’s a single question points that focused on learning more about the audience’s preferences another great tip that you can do right here is use PS or PostScript in your copywriting adding a postscript to encourage comments for a chance to win your best selling product 

what I use in here you know keep in mind you want to encourage the audience to comment on your post so your many shared chat BOTS will fire up and message the person who commented now this in return will boot your subscribers when the person replies to your message now this might seem confusing but once you set up your manage ads sequence

which I’ll explain in the next few slides you will have a clearer picture of the entire whole five-seat system alrighty not even quite an engagement Facebook post step two is to crop your compelling facebook messenger ads now please pay close attention to this as I share and explain step by step on how to create your Facebook ads it’s crucial to get this right so you don’t throw thousands of dollars down the drain

you know with really poor quality ads now here’s what the camp Facebook campaign structure looks like so firstly you need to create a campaign through ads manager as I explain here each campaign corresponds to a single advertising objective like no driving website traffic

I wanted to always name your campaign accordingly as well so it’s easier for you to navigate through your pets messenger managers all right I know it’s common sense but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs don’t take this seriously next is the headsets you know here you set a budget and schedule for each of your headsets

you also define your targeting your placement and bit settings at the end at the end at the ad set level right here for instance you can create multiple post engagement poison within a main campaign to split testing results and at the third here we have ads and each of ads this headset

It can include multiple different ads with different images tax you know call to action buttons links or video you can use one of these one of you one for each end add create if you want to split test here as well if this is too confusing for you I suggest and they keep it simple by creating only one campaign with one at set and one at and not worrying about speed testing just yet great now that you understand the Facebook campaign structure let’s start by creating an engagement campaign for your Facebook post first you need to negate navigate to your Facebook Ads messenger page 

this will come forth slash ads for / manager now then once you’re there you know select the green create ad button that you see on your top right of your on your top right side on your account and once you click on the button you’ll be taken to this page where Facebook will ask you your what’s your marketing objective 

when you just select engagement as your objective today because we want to spark more engagement more comments for the post so then your instant your desired line campaign right here for instance you know you can name your campaign doc to doc baton or US age 21 to 55 engagement targeting

this is an example so it’s really up to you to name your campaign so you don’t get confused with other campaigns that you’re running at the same time now once you have when I finish and ending all the details just click the continue button here and the next part is setting your target audience

this is where you insert your target audience based on their demographics and Geographic and also psychographics and in the custom audiences section work here one of the great way to target is to upload your email list to create a custom audience and then create also in 1% look-alike audiences

so which you can further target potential shoppers for your business so to create a custom or look-alike audience you first need to negev 8 navigate audiences tab shown in here and then select the drop-down box for options custom audience and the local audience and safe audience how going through how to create the custom audience first so once you have selected the custom oldest option you’ll be brought to this page

where Facebook will ask you how do you want to create its audience there’s customer file website traffic app activity of client activity and also engagement now and you know this is the one that I want is silicon which is engagement and it’s a great way for you to create custom audience who engage with your for example facial pain fanpage

use it for your engagement pose right here there’s a few ways you can target the engagement forum your audience now we want to select Facebook page here since we want to create a custom audience and I’ll whom commented and on our Facebook page and once you have two left at the Facebook page

you know you can click the next button it would take you to this page right here you create you can be more specific and also select options and I’m based on your preferences you can choose to target anyone who and I visited your page you know people who engage with any posts or ad that you have on your Facebook page you know the people click any call to action button

people will send a message to your page and also people will save your page or any posts and right here I want you to select people who sent a message to your page so because they already send you a message before you want to use this audience to create a custom audience because the main goal when we run ads is to get engagement now which is commenters up 

this is the perfect fit for it so once I’m done I’m done this now just click the button create audience and it’s let Facebook’s algorithm to do its job and you’re and then now you can jump on here to the look-alike audience and once you’ve created the custom audience let’s take you can take another step further you know creating our audience

so all you need to do is select the custom audience that you discredit by typing in this source section right here and so for the location is choosing based on in a way your target audience is located if you’re saying products mainly in the UK then of course and I want to select UK and if you’re selling men in the u.s. of course you

select us but if it’s both than you enter both in here now I want you to keep the audience to one percent because we want Facebook’s algorithm to give us the most accurate data as accurate as possible and then once you’ve done that just click the Create orders bun and let Facebook do its magic so now back to your target audience now

if you’re starting from scratch and you don’t have your email list or any data to create custom audience or look at our audiences you know it’s not too late to find out who your target audience is so I wanted to produce a sonnet from scratch you can choose the age the gender the language accordingly

you want to include audience with interests according to your niche for instance choosing the target shopify employees for my webinar video to spark their curiosity in one city learn more about this strategy for example that I’m running now in your case and you can say say if you’re selling weight loss supplements you want to target people who are interested in weight loss

I’ve also interested in page or anything related to weight loss know behaviors hiding can be used as well to target people who have made a purchase on Facebook so you know that know Facebook we will be taking that down in late August but of course you can see leverage on that in the mean time and once you have chosen the relevant targeting don’t forget to click Save this audience

 you’ll be rid our redirect to this page to insert your audience name and also again and remember the username that is specific and also sorry sorry so you don’t scratch your head trying to figure it out later and once you’ve done that you click Save the button to to safety audience then you can double check check it again to ensure you select the right audience now

the main reason we want to save audience is serve we can create look-alike audience once fatal Facebook gathers and dump data for us now the next part is deciding on the ad placement this is an interesting part never ever leave it on automatic and repeat don’t ever leave in the automatic placement even though it says recommended because it’s automatic and well

because you know it’s easier for Facebook to make money off you you want to select edit placements and mainly you use Facebook newsfeed and unchecked now you are know you will be using many  chatbot for your engagement posts or right column instant articles

you know you don’t need any of these period just by executing this step you know you’ve already safe is there are hundreds and thousands of dollars because you know I always click spend on all these unnecessary targeting placements .I’m just gonna burned out all your cost-per-click and burn out all your clicks so the next stop is budget and schedule and for the budget rocky it’s entirely up to you

I suggest starting small but think big of course and then tweak accordingly you can increase your budget afternoon 24 to 48 hours so Facebook’s algorithm you know has more to work with get start with five dollars and her ten dollars or even no no twenty dollars an important note right here

you don’t want to reduce your reduced your budget say you start off from Pinellas and you reduce it down to five dollars you don’t want to do that because Facebook absolutely hate it when you try to cut off his traction and momentum now once it means it always stayed double check to make sure you’re optimizing your ad delivery for post engagements right here

so once that’s done and I click the continue button next step with the estimated no daily result on the right hand corner take this with a grain of salt don’t worry if you’re not reaching enough people because you might change you know since it’s just an estimate rich suggested by Facebook and click continue to the next page which will take you and I’ll make to this page right here 

I’ll make sure you select the right Facebook page now if you have multiple pages that you mention of course make sure you select the page that you want to have the post setup on and the apps so in the creative section and I click on the drop-down menu and select the engagement pose that you have created early on you can include a call to action button as well to encourage shoppers to send you a message for any inquiries in my half 

once you enter all these necessary details then click the publish button and wait for no  facebook is approval okay and oh sorry don’t forget to turn on your Facebook pixel rack here and if you haven’t set it up here’s how you can set up and install your pixel code it’s very important that you set up your corner mainly for tracking purposes for instance you can track down how many sales

it would generate it from a particular ad so you can tweak the ads from there and make it as efficient as possible now you can also use pixel for retargeting purposes by building audiences of people who have visited your website you know retarding them through a sales funnel no hints and I definitely want to emphasize again to always set up your pixel code and okay Facebook Ads

It may not run if you know if you should you see this message this error message right here don’t panic you know this means that the imaging used contains a little bit too much text you know you need to change it change the image to a more creative reach image and you can review the ads again

so once you’ve done that but pretty much you know Wi-Fi has to go live and you would tweak it from there which will bring us to step 3 which is to connect and engage with shoppers understanding their needs and their pain points as well so you know what is many Chad you probably heard me mention it quite a few times early on in a nutshell many shared

lets you create a facebook Messenger bot marketing for sales and all serve for support as well that’s great a you know once you sir be your own man chat account you will never get to the main page and one one do here is to create a custom field called email because we will need this in later on to probe commenters for their email addresses

so once you have created any custom email custom field let’s take a look at how you can set up your Facebook comment board I’m the first and foremost you need to sign up for a man chat account which if you’re done that don’t worry about it I mean free highly suggest upgrading it to pro was well pro level

because not only you are pro in what you do many chat pro account and lost a lot of useful features and allow you to make more manage more subscribers at the same time now just visit this site and do all the features and benefits that you see alright once you sign up and locked into your account never get to the growth tools 

you see right here in your left panel and then Facebook comments to get started as shown right here in this screenshot so in the facebook comments growth – and you need to select a pause which you you will select what we created before the Facebook engagement post then we post it up on Facebook as well and in the option fields below

you know you can choose to have your chat bot the send message immediately after other people or anyone else commented on the post or you can actually set a time for it such as three seconds after someone commented or five seconds I tried not to keep it too long because you want to message them

when then your leads are still fresh so next you can leave the X exclude comments section without it’s keywords and when you trigger might only trigger and for comment when these keywords just leave them black and also anyone who commented on your post will receive a personal message

so once you’ve completed your settings you can insert a message in the autoresponder the main goal right here is how people who commented on your post to reply your chat bot replied your chat BOTS message so you can have them through your messengers subscriber lists and very very important note right here is and it’s where the magic happens and people who comment on your post will automatically

become your subscribers on many messenger only you know remember only if they reply to this autoresponder messages so you want to keep it engaging as well so when they do it now you can send them an opt-in message which I’ll show you in the next slide and just by a Shoppers comment commenting on your posts and they will become your subscribers and this is as subtle as it gets and they’re like you don’t think they insert any emails

even name anymore this is really crucial now for you to build your subscribers of which you can broadcast messages to them in the future you don’t keep your mind at Facebook carefully controls the usage of this feature just because you know a lot of people will try to views it and to protect your page from being blocked on messenger many chat limits

the autoresponder eight per minute right here so this means that popular pages you know may experience longer till every time to order responses if there was a big influx of comments and in a short period of time is wrong and next you can add in your message in the option sending option tabs right here

in three types of three sending options for you to choose from now the first one is you don’t send those any opt-in message you know sent everyone replies sent only to those who were private the key word and you need to split thirty-eight split test the opt-in message 

so your audience can relate to you engagement posts which will bring us to step 4 which is conversation and about conversation I mean interacting with your subscribers and explaining how your products will benefit them you know how your products would solve their needs  once you’re connected with them now you can leverage these these functionalities within many chats to spark a conversation now use the input function at the bottom middle bottom right here

It is a great way to prompt shoppers to input a response such as you know put in the email address and by email address and I’m what the the Bureau of is is that shoppers don’t have to type the email address again Facebook Ads I’m sorry Facebook Messenger automatically go into their account in crap at the data which is you know maybe the email is ABC air 

then people can just click on the button and that’s it you know he will save you and your potential customers a long time and besides that you can also use the broadcast function by many chat to notify subscribers on say for example when you have new products launching next month

if the upcoming promotion as well you know such as Black Friday sale and etc last but not least step types to convert shoppers into lifetime customers by adding massive value to them for instance if you’re selling dump beds you know you can provide free shipping to purchasers above a certain value and a full of with your customers to check if their dogs are sleeping comfortably on it

now if you’re selling camping tents you can also follow up with customers who make sure they managed to put up their tents or okay great customer service is very important in their business ensure our customers fully understand your product usage and benefits so these are part of the fastest system simple facias system that you can implement to double your ecommerce business we did 90 days or less now

let’s take a recap let’s recap on what you have learned today step one is to create your engaging posts Facebook post step two to craft your compelling facebook messenger ads seven three two and engage with your choppers and understanding knowing their needs and their pain points using mani chat step for conversation

you can this is where you explain how your products will benefit them and also solve their needs and last but not least step 5 you want to convert shoppers into lifetime customers by providing excellent customer service so how can we do all this

even if we have

no existing customers


mail lists

their social media following

no connections 

no technical skills

so here’s a quick question you know would you like me to put and personally help you double your e-commerce business in 8 weeks or less if so just click on the link below or the link in the description and we can proceed from there you sat through a lot today but and I do have one more thing for you before you go ahead and put my new strategy that’s promised earlier not a special gift for you and here’s another strategy to take things to the next level no three steps to integrate many chat and MailChimp into zapier to build your email list that’s right

you can build your messenger subscribers and also your email list at the same time killing two birds with one story so step one is to sign up for an account with zapier and also many chat I’m sorry MailChimp if you haven’t already got one as for email newsletter to zapier to integrate with a weber as well

you have to check double check the list of apps that you know as APA will integrate so for Xavier you can start off with the world package you know with a simple 14-day trial and you can upgrade it when you’re really zapping a lot because it doesn’t make a difference in are you I would never suggest you go for the free forever

because you what you have to you want to think big and you want to zap more email addresses and you know you have fun a 14-day trial why not innocent $20 a month we double your business it’s a really good investment and a highly suggested suggest you do that as for meal cheap you can select the growing business plan which starts from $10 a month 

It increases as your email list grows so the more subscribers in your subscribers you have the more and you have to pay but they cap it at certain values so don’t worry it’s only channels month and slowly you learn would take it from there so the next section is the integrating zapier with many chat

so here’s an overview screen shot of what you will see when you create  zapier once you’ve set it up log into that go to the main page the home page then create a news app and this is what you will see for you just to set up so which brings us to step two is to set up your mini chat within zapier first of course

you need to select your manage hair-trigger what you need what you I want you to do is to select new or updated updated custom view and once you have selected add now click the continue button and next you know you need to connect a Facebook page account that is linked to your manna chat account

so your face view will prompt you to test sorry to log into accounts and on your mini chat account and so Facebook account and Facebook I’m sorry Xavier will also prop you to test the connection to make sure that it is connected and you’ll see the green success button right here once the test is completed and it’s successful

once you’ve done that just click Save and continue to the next step right here which is to select the custom field that you want to zap from many chat to milchem and which is the email that we created earlier within many Chad if you haven’t credit you can always go back and go into settings and also create a custom field so once you’ve done this click continue as okay

I’m so APA will send you prompt you will remind you a couple of things that you need to double check and you want to make sure you have a list and a one custom few updated and then you have created which will create in many chat and make sure it also matches the trigger option that you have select a bill below and right here

I selected the email or custom field which I want to use for say grab the email address from many chat and put it and send it through to my merchant account so once they’ve done this click fetch and continue and step three is to connect your merchant account to yours APN so you want to select similar select add or update subscriber

because we want a little manic rainy campaign or send any campaign most importantly we want to add subscribers to your email your mailing list and once you’ve done that just click the continue button again and I assume that managers ap will prompt you to connect your merchant account 

if you’re using any other newsletter tool you know you decided that you wanted to use no use ap will prompt you to connect those two accounts and once you’ve connected your MailChimp account you need to test the connection to make sure you know it is okay and make sure the the test is successful 

before you click the no saving and also continue it to the next step and once you’ve done that you need to select the email list from male shape now if you haven’t sub a new list email is a new chip suggest doing story else JP I won’t be able to fetch data from MailChimp and I want you to you can add the email feel in this email section rocky

because we are grabbing the email adjusted data from many Chad who want to put it into MailChimp so you you can you can leave this blank and uh since they’re optional say double opt-in you want that update existing subscribers to yes you know you can put yes for that groups and all this you know we don’t need all those so once you’ve done that click continue to complete the integration procedure

just simple three-step for you to integrate many share and milchin using zapier ok last but not least and once they have completed the integration please please do remember to turn yours app on the last thing that you want is to have a whole bunch of comments on your Facebook post

you realize you know you’re not connecting your customer you’re not sending zapping customer emails from many Chad to your merchant account and you have to do it manually and it’s a waste of time to undo all those sir and once again make sure that your zap now is turn on right here so how do you like your special gift I hope you really like it um so what can you do next

so what you can get started on your first campaign right now and implement this breakthrough strategy what is still fresh in your mind and it’s still very underutilized in the e-commerce marketplace and you can also split test your poise and your copywriting user no copywriting for your full of messages that you used images as well as cetera until you have crafted a winning campaign now

you also one of what you can do next and I definitely you know you want to stay hungry and resilient even when situations and I didn’t go your way because that’s life is you know sometimes things don’t go your way but you have to keep moving forward and I don’t give up be resilient and keep moving forward now let’s decide now together

What You Can Do Next on ecommerce business

•Get start on your first campaign NOW and implement this breakthrough strategy while it is still fresh in your mind and under utilized in the eCommerce marketplace.
•Split test your posts, follow up messages,images, etc until you have a Winning campaign.
•Stay hungry, resilience when situations don’t go your way and keep moving forward.

we’re gonna take action and we are going to commit implement these simple strategies that I’ve shared with you right here in this plantation and also we will succeed by scaling but doubling our ecommerce businesses within 90 days or less you know and without you soon thousands of dollars on lousy lousy advertising so would you like me to personally help you double your e-commerce business in EDD weeks or less

we can proceed from there no just just remember that the secret of getting ahead is getting started by Mark Twain and we can go on discussing about strategies on how to scale your e-commerce businesses but if you if you don’t start applying don’t start implementing we never get the results

you want and also build the business of your dreams thank you for taking time to watch my presentation up until this end I really appreciate it and I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I do enjoy and I’m trading this for you and hope that you’ve gained a lot lots of value from it and written out dirt notes sorry throwing this presentation feel free to share this video with your friends 

I who will we think will benefit from this video and if you like for me to personally help you double your ecommerce business  within 8 weeks in a week  and I wish you the best of success for your e-commerce business

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How to Use Facebook Ads to DOUBLE Your eCommerce Business Within 90 Days Without Losing Thousands of Dollars

How to Use Facebook Ads to DOUBLE Your eCommerce Business Within 90 Days Without Losing Thousands of Dollars
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