(Insert)Related Posts plugins in wordpress

Inline related posts  wordpress plugins are becoming popular.it  is basically a link to a relevant article in the middle of a blog post which is proving to increase pageviews. 

When You Need Inline Related Posts?

you simply intermediate link given middle in  your blog posts naturally when writing.  bloggers usually rely on related posts plugins that shows related content at the end of the post.

Showing related posts allows your readers to see more great content on your site that’s relevant to them. traditional related posts plugins add related posts at the end of the article,

This is where inline realted post links come  style them to stand out without distracting the user from reading the current article.wordpress  related posts plugins improving pageviews, it also helps your SEO because this is basically interlinking your content. See our guide on how to optimize blog posts for SEO.

How To Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress?

you need to do is install and activate the Inline Related Posts plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » Inline Related Posts page to configure the plugin settings.

click on the Active option to be able to view the plugin settings.

You can change the appearance of how the related posts will appear in your posts.

There are two free themes that you can use, and you can also customize them by changing the colors.

Below the appearance options, you will find an option to add inline related posts into existing posts. You can select how many links you want to add in each post. You can also enter the amount of words that should be used as gap between two related post links.

Inline related posts configuration

click on the save button to store your settings.

you may not want an individual post to display inline related posts. In that case, it’s very easy to disable these inline related posts for specific posts.

Image result for inline related posts

Simply click to edit the post and scroll down a bit. you  notice the related post metabox with the option to disable it in the right hand column.

Disable related posts feature on a particular post

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