Google Voice is getting an upgrade account soon

 Google’s VoIP calling service, Google Voice, is  getting update soon , the company has confirmed. Several Google Voice users this week reported seeing an upgrade link  to  new Google Voice on the web version of the service. google released message was posted only too early because the upgrade comin soon.

google customers like all products from google innovations.  Google’s many newer efforts in the communications space, including Hangouts, and  messaging apps like Allo and Duo which was one of the first to see the upgrade link appear, The new Google Voice is here. TRY NOW.” But when they tried it, the page just refreshed and they remained on the current user interface.


Google Voice hasn’t been updated  right now. but before that, the last notable updates have included things like Google Hangouts’ integration with Google Voice back in fall 2014, and 2015’s update which improved Google Voice’s voicemail transcriptions.

Google’s failure to continue investing in the space has allowed other voice calling apps the ability to gain ground. Not only are voice messaging apps a popular category today, the idea to give users the ability share a public phone number that can ring them anywhere, on a line that has its own voicemail

Google Voice rivals have succeeded in part by focusing on mobile users – an area where Google Voice has fallen behind, having not updated its iOS and Android apps .

Google confirmed that it’s working on some updates to Google Voice,

Google’s strategy with regards to its communications apps has been interesting to see what the new Google Voice entails. The company has a number of communication products, Hangouts, for example, has just seen its API shut down, which will effectively shutter the app ecosystem on the platform for most developers. The apps that were allowed to remain have an enterprise focus instead, as Google explained to developers in an email that it’s moving away from its consumer focus.

Google Voice is finally getting an upgrade.  Google’s focus on services like Hangouts and Allo for voice chat, Google Voice still exists and maintains a certain longtime loyalty from many users despite never being updated.

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