Google Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin start own modular smartphone

Google Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin is planning to announce his new company as Essential that will be modular smartphone. Initally he was developed the Andriod phone and sold to Google company , which made in important part of Google and overpart development part in the Andriod development for quite some year’s. Andy Rubin may have moved out of Google in 2014  but is still considered one of the architects of the company’s mobile successes. A new report has claimed that Rubin, the co-founder of Android, may get back to Android phone business with his own new brand.

Right now he was developing new smartphone  which focused on new consumer hardware , that will be  “the ability to gain new hardware features over time.” Rubin had claimed to be a 40-person team comprised of former Google  and Apple employees.

Soon after moving out of Google, Rubin founded a tech startup incubator named Playground Global and also partnered at venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures. The report adds that Rubin plans to start the company phone company through Playground Global which supports device-making tech startups. It notes that the Playground Global raised around $300 million (approximately Rs. 2,000 crore).

Talking further about the phone business, Rubin recently said the Android phone market has no shortage of opportunity for tech startups such as OnePlus and recently unveiled Nextbit Robin that made a mark in the business. Rubin however believes that there is still a lot to do in the high-end segment. Notably, the high-end segment has been largely dominated by Apple’s iPhones.


The report  said that adds that the modular components will stick with the base device using a magnetic connector. The connector will also charge the battery, while expanding the features of the smartphone. One of the modules is said to be a 360-degree camera.

Also, the modular handset is claimed to have a bezel-less display. One of the prototypes may also have a screen bigger than Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. However, the overall footprint would be smaller due to lesser bezels. It is unsure if Essential’s first handset will run Android or a different OS altogether.

The report further adds that the proposed modular handset may sport a metal frame and a ceramic back. As for the launch, it may launch sometime in the middle of this year with a high price tag. So premium specifications can be expected.
Bloomberg’s report mentions that Rubin pitched the device to carrier operators at the recently concluded CES 2017 and Foxconn may build the smartphone.
By launching the new modular smartphone, Rubin will be directly going against Google, since the company shelved its ‘Project Ara’ modular smartphone back in September 2016.

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