Facebook Messaging M acts personal assistance – powered artificial intelligence

Facebook had recently rollout with artificial intelligence (AI)  assistant features named as Messaging M  , that will interact with user in facebook messaging  M tools and Messaging M acts as personal assistance with  quirky Google Assistant on Allo.It has been roll out to all IOS and android user in the US region only to check out initial response level .They want to know that the performance level of M features in facebook messaging .Messaging M will able to complete task on your behalf and will suggested responses includes following action

  • Send stickers
  • Pay or request money
  • Share your location
  • Make plans
  • Start a poll within group conversations
  • Arranging taxi using Uber or Lyft


Facebook messaging M

Facebook messaging M







Messenger M

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Facebook Messenger M will offer personalized response for you , it will work better than other  smart replies compared to Google assistant . It will provide more contextual action based upon on what learned from your history . M will provide good virtual assistance in terms of logistics relating to how to get paid, celebration conversation, taxi booking and more suggested response are designed to focus on discussion at hand. The original version of M will help to understand the user needs and we learn actually the people needs on that and slowly bring a lot of features to M suggestions.


Facebook’s will acts as first personal assistance

The Facebook’s AI “M” will acts as first personal assistance at wider audience. Since it has launched  recently and some user had felt difficult of using M suggestion , for them they can turn off will certain kind of recommendation .

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