Facebook F8 keynote recap

Facebook had introduced next generation of community building like camera effect, messanger, Gaming console are developed with aritifical intelligence ,These key point are discussed by Facebook founder and CEO :Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ,Facebook CTO officer:Mike Schroepfer,VP of platform and marketing :Deb liu   , head of social VR :Rachel Rubin , VP of Product partnership:Ime Archibong and VP of messaging products :David Marcus
making the camera first augmented reality platform

  • making the camera first augmented reality platform
  • The Future of augmented reality for developers
  • 3D Effect like Capture and interact with scenes in 3D with high precision
  • AR Experience
  • Precise Location ->Simultaneous Localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Game – Aritifical intelligence
  • Mass Effect
  • Image object detection
  • Facebook space –aritifical intelligence
  • Improved Messenger
Presentation about Facebook Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & More At Annual F8 Conference and facebook road map

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