Business innovation ideas to generate more leads

For business new innovative ideas  will bring to more sales lead by using  different marketing strategy for sales leads  and concentrating on the social media promotion,video promotion,website branding ,linking building ,branding of product, website optimization

Branding of your product through video promotion

Explain about your product through video , most of people we will watch the video compare to text based on the content article . Nearly 65% are visual learners .According to case study , the product explained through video content marketing can generate leads a rate of up to 33%.Make the customers engaged with your product and inspire to take the action .

Optimize your website for lead generation

The website should be optimize  for good performance like loading time of landing webpage should be decrease, optimize the image , consumption of memory ,CPU resource even though too much user had visited your webpage. Please makes sure that you have do to basic SEO for your page like page title ,meta description etc. Check the website performance by using some free tools like    Seoptimer , seowebpageanalyzer etc.

Website performance report

Website performance report

Create attractive newsletter for product

When you create attractive newsletter for the product offer’s such that many users will do sign up and in turns generate more leads . As report it has been increase from 35% sales generation happened as surgery conducted by USA team.

Give Free signup to use the product for Months

When you give free sign up for use your product for months, in order to experience about the product and when the customer’s become happy that they will convert into business lead.Seooptimer had given to free signup which help to them as increase their business.

Make Excellent Post and exchange the ideas through the blog

Post excellent article in your blog .Try to share the information recent post ariticle through email by just doing free signup in that way most of online user will subscribe into blog or your website. Try to innovate your blog or website will drive more traffic to website.

Share about your product and Team about company website

Share about the features of product or blog . How your product will help the customers  as userfriendly , quality and different from other products. Tell about team will help to engage with customer’s and list of branding company are using you’re the product . What type of service you are providing to the product.

User’s sharing experience through Blog

Existing their experience about the product and user guidance that will built up the traffic to your blog, your job isn’t done. Your readers have self-selected as being interested in what you have to offer, but they’re not yet on your list.

Make the next step easy for them by adding relevant CTAs to your blog posts. Unbounce does this well, with CTAs targeted to each of their blog categories. If a reader is interested in a PPC blog post, chances are they’ll be interested in the ebook as well – and willing to enter their email address in exchange for it

Promote the product through Social media like Linkedin,Facebook and Twitter  

Write the article about you’re the product and promote through linkedin,facebook,twitter and other social media channel’s.Most of customer’s are turned into new business lead though linked as report as mention in below

Responding to Question on Quora

When you are responding to question on Quora will drive more traffic to website and product by answering question in useful will get more exposure to leads who are asking about your solution.Quora recently implement with full text search which allows to search  in terms of full and reduce irrelevant discussion.

Send SlideShare traffic to landing page

Slideshare traffic case study will generate more leads by linking to landing page in the presentation,description and in your profile. Using tactics such as the one above, Ana has made SlideShare into her second largest referral traffic source. If you want a breakdown of the tactics she has used to generate traffic and leads on Slideshare

Listening to Social Media

A quick search on Twitter will give you a list of people who are currently interested in what you are doing.There is no other place to get this kind of real-time information and it’s an amazing opportunity to engage with people who are mentioning your product or have a problem you can solve.

GNC found that many customers and potential customers were asking questions about health and GNC products on social channels. By actively engaging on social, GNC was able to increase inbound sales from social media by 25%.

Google+ Communities

Google+ helps to bring more people with common interests together. Their communities offer opportunities to become an influencer and reach potential prospects to drive conversions.

Farfetch is a curated website which features products from independent designers around the world. They used Google+ to showcase new products, leading to a 116% increase in Google+ followers who converted into paying customers at a rate of 1%.

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