10 Ways to increase business revenue using Digital Coupon Marketing

The digital coupon allows to promote the product with offer deals on certain items  in turn to increase their business revenue. They will be certain on condition while applying to coupon like minimum purchase more than 5 product, new users, android etc and another simple strategies by providing the customer loyalty point which can increase business revenue.

Have clear goal settings

Make sure that promotional coupon is simpler and most people will use common strategy as BOGO(BUY One Get One) .The promotional code  should be available for specific user and not for all people by setting with clear goal , we can reach the maximum customers .

Future-use coupons

By using attractive word like “For every $100 you spend tonight, you get $20 off your next purchase of $50 or more.” Your customers have an incentive to spend at least $50, and you’ll get an additional $50 in purchases when they apply their future-use coupon.

Use Latest Technology

Using latest technology like NFS sticker or QR code to promote the loyalty and gain the redemption. Your website should be update to till now about the product information.

Contests or Lucky Draw

Any kind of contest can draw people in, but smart contests also make them want to purchase. Feature a new sandwich, at regular price, and hold a “Name that Sandwich” contest. The winner gets a free sandwich, but everyone else pays.


Use Push Notifications

The Push notification is plays major roles to drive or grab the customer’s attention when they are using smart phone or tablet. Customers love using apps, and a great way to use push notifications is to have a coupon or code sent when a customer is in the vicinity of a store.

Promote through social media

The social media promotion play bigger role for digital coupon marketing.Nowdays promotion will reaches large audience like facebook,twitter,Instagram,pinterest and snapchat account. Create the youtube channel , to promote your product such that codes are promoted through these social media channels

Offer Rewards or Loyalty program

Whenever the customer download apps, subscribe to your email groups , if they refers any other customer’s through social media , then the loyalty program should rewards offers or points or coupon redeemed. By giving good rewards point on spending of certain items which not keep customers but also they will buy the product next time also

Bulk Orders Rewards

Customers who buy in bulk order will give as  reward of some kind, such as any products as free  or other promotional item.


Specifying Expiration Date

Coupons and deals should be introduced for a specific reason, and should expire when that specific reason does. Make sure that you return with another deal or discount highlighting a different idea or product, but every event should have an ending.


Guarantee given to Product  

Make it risk-free for your customers. “Buy today, and we’ll give you a 90-day money-back guarantee.” Risk prevents people from buying. Remove the risk and you increase the sales.



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