15 Best IT job 2017 and Engineering jobs in the information technology (IT) and engineering fields based on their competitive wages,high-growth outlook and sheer importance to the evolving job landscape.

#1.​Data Scientist

Topping the list is Data Scientist. Advancements in data analysis technology points to a 16% growth outlook for data scientists by 2024, according to CareerCast’s report.

Also contributing to the field’s projected boom is the huge variety of industries using data analytics such as finance, marketing, education, healthcare and retail.

The annual median salary for data scientists jobs is $128,240.

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#​2.Information security analyst

At the No. 2 position is information security analyst. The explosion of Cloud-based storage drives the 18% growth outlook for information security analysts, says the report. As for the annual median salary, it stands at $90,120.
 #3.​Computer systems analyst
The fourth-hottest IT job is that of computer systems analyst. The annual median salary of computer systems analyst is $85,800, while growth outlook is forecasted to be 21%.

​#4.Software engineer

The third hot job on the list is that of software engineer. Growth for software engineers is projected at 17%, with an annual median salary of $100,690.

#5.​Network & computer systems administrator

Next on the best IT jobs of 2016 list is network & computer systems administrator. The annual median salary for network & computer systems administrators is $77,810, growth Outlook stands at 8%.

#6.Web developer

Web developers too seem to be in high demand. The field’s growth outlook through 2024 is a robust 27%. The annual median salary of web developers is $64,970.

  #7.Mobile developer

A mobile developer creates applications and solutions for mobile devices — smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. The role has been in high demand for the last few years, and that demand will only increase as businesses move to a “mobile first” strategy that demands existing applications be retrofitted to work on a mobile device or that new applications be created and optimized for a mobile device.

Job openings: 2,251
Median base salary: $90,000

 #8. Solutions architect

A solutions architect is a specific, practical software development role with a vague, Solutions architects are tasked with taking customer and end-user software requirements and designing a solution that addresses those issues. Solutions architects often work closely with a functional analyst who develops the software solution requirements.

Job openings: 2,906
Median base salary: $119,500

#9. Product manager

A products manager, selects and manages the process of new product development, usually for a technology company. This role is critical for innovative businesses trying to push new products to market; product managers are like mini-CEOs, taking a product from the executive idea stage and shepherding it through design, development and release to the public.

Job openings: 6,607
Median base salary: $106,680

 #10. Analytics manager

An analytics manager is responsible for designing, configuring, implementing and maintaining technology solutions for data analysis. It’s a fairly new role, but demand has grown alongside demand for data scientists and other data capture and analysis roles.

Job openings: 982
median base salary: $105,000

 #11. QA manager

A software quality assurance (QA) manager is responsible for making sure software meets or exceeds quality standards and usability testing before it’s released to the public. QA managers also routinely test existing software to make sure it’s bug-free.

Job openings: 3,749
Median base salary: $85,000

#12. UX designer

User experience (UX) design is a rapidly growing field as companies try to increase both end-user functionality and customer brand loyalty. A UX designer ensures that technology applications are both easy to use and deliver great customer satisfaction; though the title’s often confused with a User Interface designer (UI), the two roles focus on different aspects of technology creation.

Job openings: 863
Median base salary: $91,800

#13. Software architect

A software architect is responsible for the high-level decisions around software development, such as deciding on design, implementing requirements – both needs and wants – adhering to technical standards, coding practices, and selecting appropriate tools and platforms. Software architects work closely with software development teams to manage aspects of the development process.

Job openings: 653
Median base salary: $130,000

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